Xbox 360 + Hard Drive freezing problem

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    So today, I was on Rock Band 2 looking through songs on the Rock Band Network, and my Xbox froze. I didn't really think anything of it, since it's happened before.

    A little bit after, I bought Shaun White Snowboarding off of the Game Marketplace, and it was at like 3%, when I heard a clicking noise from my hard drive, and my Xbox froze. It restarted about 5 or 10 seconds later.

    When it restarted, I went to restart the download, and it made the click noise about 10 seconds after my Xbox loaded and the dashboard appear and froze again, restarted again, and I shut off my Xbox at that point.

    Now, I've seen videos where peoples' hard drives make repetitive clicking noises when they are broken, but mine only makes one before it restarts. It almost sounds like a spark, but it's definitely just a clicking (I hope).

    Also, I cannot go into the system settings and view the hard drive, since it takes forever to load, and by that time my Xbox freezes, and it also does the same thing when I try to look at my game library. It's almost like when the hard drive is having data read from it, that's when my Xbox freezes.

    One more note, the hard drive is from DealExtreme, and I know that can play a big factor in build quality and whatnot, but for it to just randomly shit out like that seems weird. The reviews for it on DealExtreme are all positive, which is why I bought it.

    Ok, that wasn't the last thing...I have a data transfer cable that I've used with a few things, so I tried to hook it up to there, and see if it would make the click noise when data is being read from Xplorer360, and it doesn't even recognize the hard drive in the program.

    EDIT: I just needed to run the program as an Administrator...[​IMG]

    It shows the HDD, and I can view all the files and stuff. I might reformat, but I'm going to keep trying it with my Xbox...

    EDIT2: I just ordered a 120GB Western Digital Scorpio HDD that is supposed to be the best replacement hard drive for a 360. Can I use my hard drive transfer cable to format with that one program, or can I just format on the 360 itself in System Settings?

    **I know no one has read this topic or replied, and it's almost like I'm talking to myself, but it feels weird to just leave my post with the old information, without updating it with the new information.**
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    You may need to run HDDHackr to inject the 120GB HDDSS, if it is not a jtagged. I'm guessing not since you said Markeplace, and rb network. the HDDSS is like a serial, the hdd has to see one for it to work. Last I checked HDDHackr runs on MS-DOS.

    The clicking sound of the HDD is mostly a sign that it is going to die. You can try to format it after you back it up obviously, and run it through spinrite program, the program will take a long time checking for bad sectors and what not. The program will also check the S.M.A.R.T system and tell you if it sees a future failure. There are many windows program that will give you the SMART data.

    As with DX's HDD, they may be some sort of refurb, or "bad quality" hdd. or it could be a shipping issue. Also not sure about the quality of the work that was used to format/inject this code to the hdd.