Hardware Xbox 360 E80 / GPU Repair Help Needed


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Jan 15, 2011
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I'm looking for some direction and assistance in a repair, and have tried a couple Discord servers...never thought to go to gbatemp for repairs, but here goes! Been out of consoles, mods, and repairs a number of years now...

I've got an Xbox 360 (I believe a Xenon model) that has an E80 error (found by cycling diagnostic light codes). The console boots up, image is displayed off centered and faded (using VGA, only option right now); then during the splash screen it freezes. This is no different with or without the HDD attached. I have not opened it yet, so do not know if it's the common damaged resistor problem. I had contacted a place to repair it, but they said it could be a GPU issue and that they'd not be able to repair due to cost/time. I was told I'd need a X819195 chip, but I'd like someone to help confirm that too.

Also have an issue with a Phat PS3 too where I know for sure I'll need to replace the GPU and need to figure out the model processor or what to do, but I'll post in the appropriate forum later.

Anyways, I have a Hakko 1418 available to use for any repairs and have competent soldering skills. I also have access to someone who's done soldering of medical equipment monitors...so if it's too much, I can procure higher skills than my own. If someone could please help direct me to good resources or help to hold my hand with a plan, I'd greatly appreciate it! Additionally, if anyone knows a professional repair group that'd take on the work for fair costs...that would be my ideal, as I'm limited in my free time at the moment. Thanks!!
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