Xbox 360 DLC releases roundup 28th August 2010

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    Welcome back to our weekly DLC coverage, for those just joining us these threads are a roundup or the DLC released for the xbox 360 during the week (in this case the 21st of the August 2010 to the 28th of the same month). Things will usually be saved for these unless it is a very big release in which case it will get a full post.

    To use DLC you need a JTAG hacked/homebrew capable 360 and you will probably also want the latest title updates which are available from <a href="" target="_blank"></a> (sometimes release groups bundle the minimum required update in with the release but not always). <a href="" target="_blank"></a> might also be of use if you are playing in these circles.

    Much like earlier releases we will sideline the music game DLC (games like Lips, Guitar Hero, DJ hero and Rock Band) as it is abundant and focus instead on the other games that got DLC.

    NFOs for the music releases can be found on <a href="" target="_blank">ludibria</a>
    list of all DLC releases of the week

    Ignoring the music game DLC we actually have a fair few notable releases

    Another game pack for game room (the game room itself is an XBLA title but built specifically for DLC). I am having trouble getting a complete listing but city bomber, pinball and tennis apparently feature.


    Some of the mass effect 2 DLC has been less than stellar and while this may not make up for such things it is a step in the right direction. Much like others it allows a new crew member a new weapon and what have you. As the title implies this character is a thief and the mission is something like a robbery film.


    A big DLC release for some and definitely worth grabbing if you enjoyed left 4 dead 2- a new campaign of sorts (3 levels is not as long as the stock options) for left 4 dead 2 set between the Dead Centre and Dark Carnival campaigns and a tie in for the upcoming DLC for left for dead 1 (you can read about that elsewhere so I can avoid the spoilers).


    RPG DLC is something of an odd thing with the original games typically covering the trip from lowly type (or unknown prince) to world saving demi god and this does nothing to change such a thing. Still if you liked Dragon Quest Origins and fancy something a bit new for a couple of hours rather than another replay it might be worth looking in on this.