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    Nov 1, 2006
    hi there! maybe this is my first or second post here however i want to announce to everybody (lol) that a new version of WWTBAFM is out.


    let's see togheter what WWTBAFM is!

    -it's a community project
    -it's a "who wants to be a millionaire" clone
    -it supports DLDI
    -it supports internet updates
    -it supports five (and it's very easy to add more, just ask me [​IMG]) languages
    -it's possible to contribute writing questions on a database. that makes you an "half" developer of the game.

    let's see now what WWTBAFM isn't!

    -it doesn't have any sound yet
    -it doesn't have a pretty gfx yet
    -it doesn't support skins yet (and maybe here i need some help [​IMG])

    http://lotti.netsons.org/?page_id=32 --> WWTBAFM Info Page (features, credits, screenshots)
    http://lotti.netsons.org/?page_id=30 --> WWTBAFM Questions Manager (add questions, download, stats)
    http://lotti.netsons.org/ --> my devlog.

    and here come some screens


    to mods: feel free to remove/resize screenshots.

    some feedbacks would be very appreciated. i didn't test a lot this release. please report bugs [​IMG]