WTS WTS: White iPod 5.5 30GB

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Want to sell iPod White iPod 5.5 30GB. (IPOD Only -- No Cable) -- $40 shipped

Description (Everything important is UNDERLINED)

Owned by a teenage girl so it has lots of scuff markings on it, and seems to have some dust particles inside the screen (dont ask me how they got there). The earphone jack is also a little buggy. Have to wiggle jack around to get it to play out of both left/right speakers. Other than that, it's a great iPod. Works Perfect on anything that has an ipod docking station. Sorry, I don't have a USB cable for it. I tested it by using my iPod Classic's cable.

Buyer must be in the USA, and must send payment through PAYPAL (as Personal Gift to avoid fees)

(5th generation Late 2006)—also known as iPod with video or Fifth Generation iPod
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