Wrong cpu socket on my motherboard?

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    Well, my old motherboard died and I had to get a new one. After looking around some I decided to order this processor from newegg. My cpu is a somewhat old (but not too old) Pentium 4. I searched LGA775 to make sure it matched my processor and it seemed to. The description

    Anyway, I finally recieved it in the mail today, put everything together and tried to start it up. It would repeatedly turn itself on and off until it was unplugged. After a few hours of messing around with it, I noticed something. The socket for the cpu looks something like this (sorry for my bad paint skills), not like any other LGA775 sockets I saw when I searched for them. The manual has a picture of the socket and even it doesn't match the one on the board.

    The socket on my old motherboard looked like this. Looking at the one on the new one it doesn't seem like all the contact points would touch. Should this work with my cpu? It is the only thing I could find that would explain the issue.
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    are you sure it doesnt look like this?

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    There is a possibility that he got a LGA 771 instead.
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    I'm a bit confused, you ordered a processor or a motherboard? Because you said you ordered a processor, but you linked to a motherboard.

    I'm assuming motherboard because it sounds like you're trying to fit your old CPU into a new socket.

    Check out this chart on the manufacturer's website:

    Even if the socket type is right, there's a chance that the board is just too new for your Pentium 4.
    And if I'm reading that chart correctly, it doesn't support any P4s at all.
    Also, Newegg's specifications don't list P4 specifically as being supported.