Write a PS3 tutorial and get free stuff

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    The GBAtemp Tutorial Competition was started on May 1st and will remain open for entries until the 22nd of May. There are 25 prizes up for grabs in a total of 5 categories.

    If you are knowledged when it comes to PS3 hacking, you might want to take a look at the PS3 category in the competition. There is currently only one entry in the category so you have a great chance to get freebies if you enter. To help you out with this one, here are a couple of ideas of tutorials that one could post:
    · Current state of PS3 "jailbreak" devices
    · Softmodding your PS3
    · Running homebrew (emulators, media players...) on your hacked PS3
    · Signing homebrew
    · Playing downloaded games & game compatibility on the PS3
    · PS3 Firmware versions summary
    · ...

    [​IMG] Post your PS3 tutorial now
    [​IMG] GBAtemp Tutorial Competition info

  2. Zorua

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    There are two now. You might want to edit the OP.
  3. tj_cool

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    At the time of writing it there was only one [​IMG]
  4. Zorua

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    Yeah, my chances of winning all the prizes have slimmed down now. [​IMG]
    Anyway, hopefully, the ps3 sub forum here at the 'temp will become more active now. [​IMG]
  5. SamAsh07

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    I doubt it, but I'll try to post a tutorial if I can come up with something lol.
  6. Cyan

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    You can count 3 tutorials [​IMG]

    I'm preparing a multiMAN beginner's (and complete) guide [​IMG]
    I hope it will be useful to all the users.

    edit :
    oh, the portal message is successful, there a lot more tutorial now [​IMG]