Would you work in or hire someone that worked in the games industry?

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    I do aim to make descriptive titles but for the sake for of expanding upon things.

    Would you choose to work in the modern games industry in a field that requires a fair level of skill (though a good code tester is worth an awful lot it is not what is being discussed here)? Probably going more programmer/level designer/game designer than artist at this point but spin it how you will. This does mean someone involved in the wet end of things and media/"journalism" and marketing is not what I am looking for here.

    Likewise if you were a company in need of someone would you hire someone that previously worked in the games industry? I realise many reading have possibly not done the hiring someone gig before but try anyway.

    Personally the answer to the first is hell no with the slimmest possible exception if I was self employed/ran a company and felt like doing something marginally different for a couple of years. I figure most of the horror stories we read/hear about are just that and can be found pretty much anywhere but most of the rest seems to be a giant piss take, I have never been one to seek money or charge properly for my services but taking the piss seems to the default position for games and I would resent that.

    The second.... I think a spell in prison or the military would be less damaging to your hiring chances save for those that worked in the somewhat earlier days and maybe PS1 era if I was low on applicants (I recently read http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/3030/keeping_the_pirates_at_bay.php which lifted my opinion a touch). Maybe it is just pulling apart a few too many games over the years and reading the results of why games got hacked. Of course I have also pulled apart a reasonable bit of professional/tool/industrial stuff over the years and it is not much better there either.

    Similarly and though I am mainly using here and a few other places as my sample size I have noticed a drop off in the amount of questions about people wanting to get into things? Is my horribly unscientific sampling method skewing my perception or reality or is it actually the case?
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    I've heard that video game design is kinda a shit dead end honestly. Like it sounds like such an interesting concept but like unless you're exceptionally talented you won't go to any dream job.

    So I'd never work in it.

    As for hiring someone... maybe? I mean my field is television so I guess if I needed an animator or something along those lines there may be some crossover. Work ethic is different from person to person so that's not really something inherent with the industry.
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    It sorta depends. I've done enough programming in school to know that the amount of skill required is hugely underestimated, and I'm pretty sure that goes even more for video games. So you've got that, you've got shitty work conditions, publishers that want a return on investment and whiny customers (if they're not pirating your product, that is). So no...I'd certainly never work in the games industry*

    Hiring someone from the industry is a different matter. Good programmers are hard to find, so I don't think the game industry will be a stigma on your resume (provided you know your way around more tools than "just" unrealEd and similar editors). Level designers can probably net a job as modeler, CAD design or doing something in 3D printing.

    Of course, this is purely hypothetical. I'm not a headhunter.

    *okay...if they need basic tech support, I wouldn't mind. But seriously: my job is pretty much the same no matter what industry I'm in. And the IT-related industry probably doesn't need it as much.
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    I actually applied to work for the Playstation division.