Would you pay more for a UBER Zelda game?

Discussion in 'Switch - Games & Content' started by Noctosphere, Feb 16, 2017.

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    Dec 30, 2013
    Back with kitty Zelda forever :D
    I'm not talking here about super realistic graphics.
    I'm talking about gameplay, story length
    In the case of lot of Zelda games, their stories is based on two part
    For example :
    OoT : Young Age, collecting sacred stone, and Adult Age, freeing sages
    Alttp : Present Day, collecting pendant, Chaos Age, freeing sages
    Albw : Same as Alttp
    TP : Shadow Crystal, freeing light spirit and collect Shadow Crystal, Mirror of Shadow, collect part of the mirror of shadow, (I consider theres a third part, Ending, defeat the ruler of shadow, Zant and Ganondorf)
    SS : Find Zelda, Find Zelda through what will become Hyrule, Master Sword, Forge the Master Sword from the Skyward Sword.

    So, would you like a UBER zelda game with like 5 part with 3-5 dungeon for each part?
    If so, would you be ready to pay more, like 10-25$ more?

    I'm pretty sure Switch could handle such UBER Zelda game with Open world, food baking and all gameplay in the world, dont you think?
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    Programmed right then extra game modes only really take storage space, and likely enough that skipping a minor cut scene will probably free it up. Number of parts seems somewhat arbitrary from a coding perspective and I am not sure how it would play out from a gameplay perspective.

    Equally it is just Zelda to me. Nothing to really get excited about. Doubtless it will be playable but most things like that are to some degree. Not to mention I don't think I have ever seen people pay up for more gameplay like this before -- licensed songs, vehicles and such, silly skins and such then sure but a game would have to be something really special.
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    Jul 12, 2013
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    I'd pay more to play Zelda while riding UBER.