Gaming Would you like to see Platinum Games work on existing Nintendo IPs?


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Hello scavenger, phew found it eh?

Nope, nope you haven't. Try thinking about the whole clues and not just scabies.

Nintendo have a lot of licenses that people want to see on the Wii U, so far they're doing a Pikmin title and a side scrolling Mario title...and that's it. Obviously they are working on some of those as well as some new IPs (Nintendo did confirm a while ago that they had some new ones in development), however they also have the 3DS which many people also want to see their franchises on.

Nintendo may be a big company with many in house teams but with modern titles taking longer to develop (and Nintendo's core titles tend to take longer than most companies) they may not be able to get most of these out there in the next few maybe they could call on devs outside of their own circle to develop some of these titles.

On the Gamecube they got Sega to do F-Zero GX and it worked out very well. They also got Rare to do StarFox Adventures (not what people wanted but a solid game) and Namco did StarFox: Assault (would have been better without the on foot). Lets not forget that Capcom did a few Zelda titles for GBC/GBA as well.

Platinum Games have a title for the Wii U and it just so happens to be getting publish by Nintendo, that got me thinking, anyone else think that they would be perfect to bring back some franchises to the Wii U? Generally their games tend to be quite violent however most of the key people from PG are from Clover....Clover did Okami which is arguably outdid Zelda in that genre as well as that key people in the team worked on some fantastic Capcom games way before people called them Crapcom so they don't JUST do violent games (also Infinite Space DS was a fine RPG)

Personally I think they could do great things with StarFox, Metroid and even revisit older forgotten titles. Shit, I would like to see them take Zelda and do something different like Majoras Mask. Maybe with Silicon Knights say so they could even bring us a new Eternal Darkness title...Hideki Kamiya after all was heavily involved with the first two Resident Evil games as well as designed RE: Zero and also directed Devil May Cry. He has also gone on record to saying that he would love to make a Star Fox game.

Safe to say in my opinion if they ever were assigned to do an existing Nintendo favourite I won't be as worried...but would you?

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