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    May 27, 2016
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    If you read the title and kno what Chrono Trigger is, then there needs no introduction, so skip the spoiler. (Wanna know more? Proceed to the spoiler)

    Chrono trigger is a RPG game released in 1995 Squaresoft (now square enix) The game is one of those in high regard to many people who played it during the popularity of RPG games internationally. There been ports to playstation with improvements including some anime videos (FMV) in form of the also famous Dragon ball anime producers, and all the content that was exclusive to SNES add-on known as BS satellaview, this add-on was exclusive to japan, and feature timed events and also extra content to games, this content was added to playstation version and is unlocked by completing multiple playthroughs to get various endings.

    In 2008, square enix made a port of the game to Nintendo DS that further improved the game, including all content from Playstation, including the anime FMV, unlockable content, and expanded with more such as extra story having more enemies to battle and areas to explore with better challenge and rewards, and extra ending that supposed to perhaps be related to the loosely based sequel, chrono cross.

    After noticing the growing popularity of a new feature added in some emulators known as MSU-1 Which allow for some impressive stuff for the system this lead me to the idea of possiblity of a rom hack that import all the extra content from the improved NDS version of Chrono trigger to SNES, the FMV, and extra quest and unlockables. Below is a demonstration of the MSU-1 in action. It includes orchestrated music done by (someone) and the fmv videos from the other ports of the game running on snes.

    While the audio was never changed (Considering i guess is a masterpiece) All that needs is a rom hack for the extra content and that should be a complete conversion of the game. My question is if there is interest in seeing this or maybe making it happen. :)
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    Apr 9, 2009
    No, of course not. We can just play the DS version on a DS, 3DS or emulator. It would be an entire waste of time and effort.
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    1. Do you have the ability to make such thing happen?
    2. Videos on snes? And even long ones? I only saw such things with special flashcarts... it will take more space then the game itself...

    I would be happy to see it happening..
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