Worth to bring 64gb Memory from Japan ?

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    Hi there,
    I have read that Vita Memory Cards are kind or rare lately (at least the big ones) and that the 64GB card is ~75€ in Japan
    at least here in Germany I cannot find it anywhere below 107€ (+33€) so I was thinking of bringing a few of them back after my next time in Japan which will be next month ...
    But as I see that there is "a lot" of offers on Amazon already for the 107+ I am not really sure if they are beeing bought by people or not.

    Only because they are offered for this high price does not mean that they are actually sold for that money ;) and I wouldn't want to risk buying 5 cards for 380€ and getting stuck with them.

    Anyone here knows how well or bad they are sold ? maybe someone who tried it already ?
  2. RedBlueGreen

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    Aug 10, 2015
    I got a pretty cheap 16 GB card from Play-Asia for around $45 CAD that worked well. If the cards are coming from a well known/trustworthy store I think they would be fine.
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    Feb 16, 2015
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    I had a 16gb and sold it after i bought a 64gb . If you love Vita and all the PSP and Vita games just spend the money.

    You can always spend time swapping games back and forth with a smaller card, which is time consuming but doable, or load a 64gb with what you want and not think about it for months..

    I like set it and forget it instead of micromanaging stuff constantly because i want to try something new.

    I get both sides of the argument of cost/value.

    But time is precious.
  4. Youkai

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    oO both of you didn't answer my question even a little ... so either my english is insanely bad or you didn't read my question at all XD

    I was asking about the chances of selling the cards not about buying one and using it myself ^^V
  5. FAST6191

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    Unsold stock is always a risk in business, and fluctuations if you are trying to take advantage of region disparity and exchange rates even more so. Also if you bring back that many are customs going to say anything? I assume you are not wanting to remove the packaging and make it look like your personal use items.

    What does your local second hand game seller buy them in at? UK one https://uk.webuy.com/product.php?sku=4948872413596 if you can break even there or just lose something you can afford rather than potentially hundreds then consider that your baseline.
    What if one does not work? Are you or someone you know back in Japan any time soon to sort it out?

    This is the run up to Christmas, Vita piracy is bigger than ever and the prices are artificially high and have been for ages. Even if the vita equivalent of a CR5400 came out tomorrow and worked just fine I doubt it would make too much of a dent.
    Are you willing to spice up the deal? I have never really sold a computer plain as it came from the factory (or even would have come from the factory - the oem crap) and while you and I might be more than willing to do our own dicking around with software setup it means something to many others.

    Amazon stuff. You can try seeing what sellers are there each day and getting an idea, sadly there is no ?? sold type thing like ebay has.

    I don't know the Germany equivalents of craigslist and gumtree but https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-konsolen/vita-64gb/k0c279 has a few at 100 or 99 euros.

    Beyond all that is there anything likely to be more lucrative? Memory cards are small and light but Japan has all sorts of weird and wonderful things that people outside it like and have to pay lots for it if they do.