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Nov 21, 2005
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https://gbatemp.net/threads/final-f...e-4k-hdr-remaster-releasing-this-june.586555/ saw us discussing various Final Fantasy themed films as such things seldom stay on topic for long.

To that end what is the worst one you saw?

Personally I have seen

The first few episodes of the Final Fantasy Unlimited anime because I ran out of ideas on the old DVD rental service I used to use and thought it can't be as bad as they say. No relation to anything in Final Fantasy, other than a chocobo and moogle appearing you would confuse it for any other post apocalyptic style 90s anime. I don't know if it got worse but I am not inclined to call it the worst thing ever. Just a thoroughly uninspired and unmemorable anime.

Spirits within. Saw it in the cinema even right at the height of the PS1 games. Meh is how I feel about it. Did not offend my sensibilities but I have seen that theme (post apocalypse, scientist trying to save the day but variously being hindered by military and other leadership)

Advent Children. A sequel of sorts to Final Fantasy 7, though retread using many of the same characters X years on to milk some money rather than a serious sequel is probably where that is...

A supercut of various cutscenes people like to put on video sharing sites but I suppose we don't count that, not least of all because other than often stopping at the start of battles and coming back in at the end (granted anything else would be a longplay I guess) then they often have an entertaining story.


I don't know if we can count Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light any more than we can count the South Park World of Warcraft episode as something set in that universe.

Legend of the Crystals.
Apparently a very hard to come by 200 years later sequel to Final Fantasy 5. Never heard of it before this thread and FF5 is actually my favourite of the whole series so that is bad form on my part.

Last Order
Prequel to Final Fantasy 7 and released with the Advent Children. Apparently a director's cut of it also exists.

Released for free on the internet so guess we can link it here

Backstory for the main characters of Final Fantasy XV.

A Final Fantasy XV prequel leading into the story of the game. Guess they were into that multimedia blitz strategy for it.
Might watch this next.

Apparently there is a radio drama of a tactics game as well as some acting as both a prequel and a sequel to the FF Unlimited thing mentioned above.

Right now it would be poor form to do a poll so you are going to have to use your words, and even before the apollalypse my opinion on such matters was "fuck polls".

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