World's First Gameplay video of BioShock Infinite

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  1. tigris

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    The First Gameplay video of Bioshock Infinite


    The first ever gameplay video of Irrational's skybound BioShock Infinite has snuck out online.

    The footage shows some freefalling through the clouds - as well as what appears to be some on-rails descent.

    There's also plenty of gunplay and sound effects - both of which are heavily reminiscent of the first BioShock game.

    Bioshock Infinite is set in the flying city of Colombia - a sort of Rapture in the clouds.

    The game will reintroduce plasmids, as well as a brash art style and a new version of the Big Daddy.

    Irrational boss Ken Levine has promised "more character interaction" than in his earlier games - and likened the feel of Infinite to "the Wild West.".

    The FPS is due for release in 2012.[/p]

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  2. Feels Good Man

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    Apr 15, 2007
    Here's a better video:

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    One word...

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    This thread can be locked as the links don't work. And please don't center all the text, that is flipping annoying to read.
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    It seems as though the videos are taken down. Until we get some new footage that we can SEE, I suggest that this thread be locked.

    I agree with everything that DSGamer said.​
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    If you find videos that aren't removed by Viacom, PM me and I'll reopen this.
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