World Destruction

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    World Destruction is an "apocalypse impending" RPG for the Nintendo DS published by SEGA, and at the same time an anime series based on the game - which is a traditional RPG with turn-based combat and giant bosses, developed by Image Epoch (Luminous Arc), and reuniting three Xenogears staffers. The game centers on a youth named Kirie Irunisu who secretly possesses the power to destroy the world. He is forced to join a party that aims not to save the world, but to eradicate it and start anew. The story also has a main heroine named Morute Ashera, who plays a bigger role in the anime version.

    Some pictures:

    For more pictures check:IGN Pictures

    Trailer/Gameplay: Trailer/Gameplay Youtube
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    May 6, 2008
    sounds interesting i like the idea of pirates but kinda reminds me of final fantasy =S
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    A game to destroy the world instead of saving it?

    Ooh, nice and fresh. [​IMG]
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    Turn-based RPGs are my favorite.....I'm looking forward to this game sooooo much...
    I'm lazy to search around, when is th English release dated?

    Game looks great to me, I like the art style, nice, clean and sharp...I just hope it won't be ruined by bad controls..