Question Workshopping an idea on how to use one SD Card on Switches....

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    Hey folks - been lurking for a while - but I've run into an issue that I feel is solve-able... maybe I'm making more out of it than there is... and before anyone asks - yes, I do have more than one memory card, but the issue is that I'm worried about having to maintain two sets of memory cards for two hacked switches and then forgetting constantly which goes with which. I know likely any solution would result in a bad by Nintendo - and that's ok.

    From what I gather, the issue seems to be plainly explained here:

    Then I saw this thread: that explains how to get the 'SD Seed'.

    So - is the solution as easy as:
    1) Extract SD Seed from console 1
    2) Write SD Seed from console 1 to console 2's ns_appman:/private
    3) Profit?

    Am I missing something? Also - if this is correct, how would I write console 1's seed to console 2's nand (I'm assuming I'd need to apply it to a backup somehow and then restore that to the console...)

    Any help would be appreciated!