Working on my old rpg attempt, and I need some help with ideas for the overhaul.

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    Its a procedurally generated dungeon survival. my goal is to eventually have it much like a 2d, top-down super-hostile (google Vechs super-hostile). while I would rather custom build the world, I want as much gameplay as possible, including random npcs, followers, and side quests so I need those . anyway, I need help refining all my random ideas into a concrete plan. of and the art style is 16-bit.
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    Start with mockups to get a better, more concrete idea of what you're looking for aesthetically-wise.

    After you have a more concrete idea of what you're looking for, I'd recommend to start prototyping core mechanics out.

    Depending on your experience with programming, you may want to get strong understanding of basic OOP principles such as inheritance and polymorphism. (It'll make your life much easier, improve code quality, and avoid repetitive code.

    If you're new to programming, or even just the framework/engine you're using, I'd recommend getting acclimated to your development environment by starting with basic mechanics, such as moving/basic animations for walking, as well as calculating the rotation angle to align your character to the mouse. After the very basics of moving the character are down, start with the next most basic thing you can, and slowly work your way up the ladder until you have a playable prototype.