1. zakll

    OP zakll Newbie

    Oct 5, 2014

    I own a ds phat, and i am using r4 with wood. The os comes with a brightness setting but its out of use on ds phat, where as you know there are only two levels instead of four. The problem is that i can't change this setting because it always starts on level 1, and pushing R or clicking the brightness icon takes no effect (well the icon only blinks probably going to level 2 and then back to level 1). Is there possibly any way to go around this, like changing the default brightness to 0, or maybe some fix for phat?

    I know that there is a way of flashing the firmware to get version from ds lite, which provides the 4 level brightness for phat, but right now i would like to avoid it.

    Also i would like to ask where is the source code of wood? I tried to find it but all links i managed to find are dead... and maybe i could make the patch myself.

    Thanks for any reply.
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