Wolfenstein 3D - Alpha release

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    Wolfenstein 3D - Alpha release

    By Lazyone

    Lazyone updated his WIP port of Wolfenstein on the Nintendo DS. The game now supports DLDI and saving.
    [title:Wolfenstein 3D - Alpha release]Wolfenstein 3D - Alpha release

    It has been too long since I released anything for this project, there are a few more bugs and
    missing features but from what I have seen it plays very well.


    - Compiled with the latest libfat (should now work with most/all DLDI devices)

    - Sound (no music)

    - Status bar on bottom screen

    - Saving


    - Music

    - Builds for registered versions and spear of destiny

    - Configuration

    - Enhance sound

    A note on saving:

    Currently saving is broken between builds, if you make a savegame with this version and upgrade
    the wolf3d binary your save will crash.


    Turn left: DPAD Left

    Turn right: DPAD Right

    Forward: DPAD Up

    Backward: DPAD Down

    Strafe Left: L Shoulder

    Strafe Right: R Shoulder

    Shoot: A

    Use: B

    Next Weapon: X

    Run: Y


    Copy the wolf3d folder into the root of your media card, run.


    If you already downloaded the alpha version and are having graphical issues,
    try the updated binary posted above. Keep in mind that any saves you made
    will not work with the new binary.
    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Home page

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    Going to try this out. I should have a copy of Wolfenstein lying around somewhere. Ahhh, the memories... (Mein Leiben !!!)