Wolfenstein 3D - Alpha release

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by FAST6191, Jul 27, 2007.

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    I do not know how many remember the initial builds (or even the original game) but this is a DLDI supporting version from the original author of the port.



    - Compiled with the latest libfat (should now work with most/all DLDI devices)
    - Sound (no music)
    - Status bar on bottom screen
    - Saving


    - Music
    - Builds for registered versions and spear of destiny
    - Configuration
    - Enhance sound

    A note on saving:

    Currently saving is broken between builds, if you make a savegame with this version and upgrade
    the wolf3d binary your save will crash.


    Turn left: DPAD Left
    Turn right: DPAD Right
    Forward: DPAD Up
    Backward: DPAD Down
    Strafe Left: L Shoulder
    Strafe Right: R Shoulder
    Shoot: A
    Use: B
    Next Weapon: X
    Run: Y


    Copy the wolf3d folder into the root of your media card, run.
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