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    Hello! I'm considering buying a WODE and I'm still not sure if I should. Yes I know there are a lot of topics about this and I know that there is Google but I need some advice !
    So here are my questions:
    1- How fast is it? Is it fast as USB loader gx?
    2- Can I rip GC games with the WODE?
    3- Can I choose the GC games through a menu ? or do I have to use the mini screen thingy?
    4- Hows the WODE quality wise?
    5- Everybody seems to talk about the Wii compatibility and how perfect is it, how about the GC compatibility?
    6- Will the wii lens be active while using the WODE ? will it reduce the lens life time?
    7- finally, which trusted site can I order it from that ships worldwide? too bad shoptemp stopped sell it [​IMG]

    I already have my wii softmoded, so is it worth it ? Money is not a real issue, and I don't like taking my games out of the box every time. I like all the games working on my wii, and right now the softmod and usbloader gx is making my head hurt.

    Thanks for the advice!
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    * Play Wii & GameCube game ISOs direct from USB Mass Storage devices @8X read speed (HDD and FLASH drive)
    * Complete Solder free install solution
    * Easy to use GUI - LCD & Joystick - NO homebrew software required (no any update of console can block this device)
    * Region hack (works on wiis with firmware 4.1 and lower), Update blocker, Autoboot.
    * Passthrough with FLAT-MOD mode built-in, play your DVD-R Wii & GC backups and Imports @3X read speed (doesn't work on D3 version 2+ drives)
    * Powerful ARM9 MCU
    * Totally Flexible Linux Kernel
    * USB hub support for multiple USB devices connection
    * Great File System support - use existing WBFS formatted media or 'drag and drop' ISOs to existing USB devices
    o NTFS
    o WBFS
    o EXT3FS
    o HPFS
    * The ability to plug as many harddrives as you want (via a USB Hub)

    Future updates will bring more cool features:

    * Disc ripping to WBFS
    * USB WiFi & SAMBA streaming

    Only 69.99 on my fav site ...........!Click Me

    Which lets be fair is very very cheap!
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    1. It's rated at 8x read speed.
    2. Yes.
    3. They get chosen in the same way Wii games are.
    4. To be honest, I don't own one yet.
    5. You may encounter a few problems with streaming audio games.
    6. The Wii's disc drive won't be used unless you select "Flat Mode."
    7. The WODE site has a list of distributors.
  4. giantpune

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    1 ive seen no difference in the actual playing speeds. there IS a noticeable lag in the initializing stage. when you first turn your wii on, the wode must initialize. it must also mount your HDD when you connect it. depending on the size and filesystem of the HDD, it can be a bit. for my with a 500GB FAT HDD, it takes about 10 seconds from the time i turn on my wii or connect my HDD till i can see the game list.
    2 yes
    3 yes
    4 i would say it is 7 / 10. the plastic case has a pink tint to it. i dont feel comfortable plugging in and disconnecting the USB cable. it feels to me like it might break some time. instead i plugged in a $1 ebay usb hub and i always leave that connected. then i disconnect the HDD at the hub. there is also no "official" way to have the wode connected and the wii lay flat. if you dont like your wii standing up, you have to be creative and fashon your own stand.
    5 i have 2 issues with the gamecube side of it. there is a bug which cannot really be blamed on anybody, but it only is exposed by playing certain scrubbed GC games through the wode. these games can be fixed by padding the scrubbed file with a few 0s. its not really anybody's fault. but it just so happens that by the nature of the "bug" it is only exposed in the wode.
    i also have issues playing PAL GC games using the wode. ive tried every combination of video and region patches possible and i simply cannot play PAL games from the system menu. i get audio but no video. if i run a PAL nand in sneek, i can play these games. but that is just retarded. its easier to just use geckoOS or something.
    6 no
    7 i originally had one ordered from canada mod chips. it took 10 days to get here and it arrived in a not working state. i talked to the wode guys and they ( not canada mod chips ) arranged for a new one to get here the next day. A+ on the customer service.
  5. MeowTheMouse

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    Thanks for all the help! It really helped me clear my mind about on some issues! Anyway, the reason why I'm looking for worldwide shipping its cause I live in the middle east and most sites dont ship things to where i live >