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    I don't know if I'll will like it. I like the idea of GC loading, but I am a savage and I like to have MANY MANY choices available for playing games. My main question is to people who have a WODE or have tried it before. How easy is it to look through games? As an example, lets say there is 500 games on a HDD, does it take a while to scroll through the list or did they make it nice so you can page down?

    My next question: If you were to select an iso, can you then use a backup loader, like Neogamma to run the game? I don't like the disc channel, I much prefer Neogamma. I assume that the HDD plugs directly into the WODE so backup loading from USB on the Wii means you have to switch the plug around.

    Is it worth it to get the WODE? The only real advantage is GC games in my opinion unless someone can sell me otherwise.
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    Nov 19, 2008
    Thats pretty much how i see it.......USB GC loading is really the only thing i would buy one for, and i'd have a seperate hdd for my gc isos while keeping my current wii hdd plugged into the back of the wii.

    Id like to the answers to Vash's questions too, anybody?
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    All based on reading and knowledge, I don't have a WODE, but my answers should be alright (hopefully).
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    ive got one.
    using the little joystick isnt too terrible bad since you can hold the thing down and scroll through about 10 games a second. but since youve got your wii softmodded already, you can use a homebrew game selection menu. theres a version of wiiflow and cfg loader that are written to work with the wode instead of a regular usb loader. so its just as easy to pick a game as you are used to. the only differences are now i have GC games in the list and now i have an extra piece of hardware on my wii.

    some things people may forget is that during regular USB loading, you are using a patched up IOS. using the wode, you dont get all those patches. you must patch IOSes yourself if you wish to get the benefits of them. the best example i can think of for this is playing custom games. without the trucha bug in your system menu IOS and the IOS the game requests, custom games wont work from the disc channel. using neogamma to play the game works as it uses a cIOS to play it again.
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    thanks for the answers, i'm trying to come up with some way to get the $100 bucks available to buy one, but I don't know when I'll be able to. Your answer Pune is what I was looking for. I want to use a regular loader to load games. Including the GC isos, that would be awesome.
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    As you're saying you like to have MANY, MANY choices the wode would be ideal for you if you use it as GP said.

    You can have 1 interface to load all your Wii, GameCube, Wiiware, VC, emulator roms, movies, music and even apps with just a little bit of tinkering to set it up.

    There are only a couple of downsides and these are only if you are a "mega pirate" as some call it and that is the limited space on the NAND for Wii disc based games (there are ways around this but it's complicated)

    The only other downside is GameCube games saves then, but you can get massive memory cards for the GameCube and a couple of them should do all the good games for the GameCube. iirc there was some sort of gecko to usb thing I don't know about but maybe someone will that would allow the GameCube saves to be on a HDD so getting rid of all the "bad points" if you were one of those mega pirates [​IMG]

    The only other thing you may have problems with are GameCube games that stream the audio from the disc, these don't work too well with a WODE.

    WODE is a great bargain and if you can spare the cash or rob a bank do it to raise funds, remember the drive in the Wii is the weakest link followed by cheap things like the sensor bar so it's something you want to invest in to make the Wii last forever if possible [​IMG]
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    I came to the WODE from a similar place... It's a powerful combo to rile the other half - 7 year old Wii player who is incapable of putting things away, result: lots of discs floating around and an irritated SWMBO because of them. Irritated me because when I want to play a game it was generally scratched to buggery and needed rewriting.

    The obvious answer, is to load from a USB device - looked at soft-modding but the vagaries are too much for a 7yo to cope with, then the WODE came along and since I've had it (about a week) it's transformed the way the room looks, removed arguments about the discs lying around and stopped an earthquake in China*

    Took about 25' to fit (elapsed it was about 40' but I discovered that not all PH#000 screwdrivers are the same**) and 15' to teach the lad how to use it. Well worth the cash IMO and a big shout out to Hanger Shop for the rapid shipping.

    * a bit of a lie there, sorry

    ** I was all set to disassemble the Wii (for the third time - checking what drive it had in, fitting the modchip first time around and now fitting the WODE) and noticed that the phillips screws seemed much harder to get out than last time, but remembered using a different driver (still a PH#000) - spent 15' rounding up all the PH#000 I have and comparing them side by side, it's obvious that they're all slightly different - in size, in thickness of the 'vanes', even in the profile of point - which according to the specification for phillips screws should be rigidly defined - so if it's tricky to get the screws out using the PH#000 driver, try another type of PH#000 driver.
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    Does the WODE finally handle GC audio streams?

    Doesn't the latest Gecko OS have a serious black screen bug? Does Gecko OS have video mode patches? Country String patching? Is it able to boot Sam & Max, CSI and FarCry at all? Does Gecko OS load Ocarina codes from usb storage?

    These all are features only used by a few people, but what feature other than loading channels does Gecko OS have that NeoGamma doesn't?