With all the updates Gateway has been making, is it worth it to get one?

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    And would it be possible to completely copy all information on a 3ds (FC, games from the shop, ambassador games, etc.) and put it on a new 3ds, 3dsxl, or 2ds
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    It doesn't work that way.

    Games from eShop are locked to the 3DS they are download onto. The emulated NAND that gateway 2.0 uses doesn't bypass that type of lock.


    It is unknown if the emuNAND will pass through the system transfer. Even if it does and say that gateway has full decrypted access through the game slot, if you update your original 3DS firmware you would likely loose access to anything you had from the transfer. The system transfer keeps track of your list of titles downloaded from the eShop online.
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    Sep 6, 2013
    «With all the updates Gateway has been making, is it worth it to get one?» — It’s for you to decide. If you like these updates, well, go for it. If you don’t, why do you even bother asking? Nobody knows better than you.

    It’s possible to make System Transfer but you’ll have to update the firmwares making Gateway useless.
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    Nov 12, 2009
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    Alright, my main concern right now is the eventual transfer of data from my dying 3ds. If I do everything in my power to transfer info from one to another, what would I lose? I'm mostly looking at friend codes, game records, street pass records, ambassador games, and my pokemon (bought through eshop)
  5. Duo8

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    Most things would remain intact, except for your fw version if you're <6.3.0
  6. Arras

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    Pretty much what the guy above said. Either you transfer, keep everything but lose the ability to use the gateway on BOTH 3DSes, or you don't transfer, but you won't be able to send over the friend codes, games etc that way.
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    Complete conjecture but you might be able to system transfer an emulated NAND. But the receiving 3DS would obviously need to be on 6.3 so it might not be helpful in this case.
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    Yeah the whole transfer question is a hot topic for many of us.....One thing to remember though is full games do not transfer..........the ownership 'ticket' transfers and then you have to re-download the game from eShop. I know this first hand. For me it is a tough call as I transferred all my original ambassador stuff from my launch 3DS to my XL and also have full games and other purchases.....now I am using a different 4.5 3DS for gateway and sort of wondering if I should (if possible) transfer everything to it (the XL is past 4.5). After owning both I think I am back to preferring the stock 3DS over the XL and might just want all my content on it. I love the screen on the XL but the stock unit is so much more compact and the XL is actually top heavy and less comfortable. I have one of those Nyko batteries on the 3DS and it just feels better ballanced and easier to grip....I hope transfer works with emuNand but if it does you are going to have to do it quick because once Gateway 2.0 with emunand comes out I bet Nintendo updates to 6.4/7 in a hurry and closes your access to eshop/transfer...to me this seems stupid in that why not allow Gateway users with Emunand on eShop to actually spend some money........still they will close the door quick for sure.