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    In case you missed it new version of ixtreme LT(+) is out with support for the recently released dashboard.


    By then looks of things a sort of top tier weapons pack addon, not sure if one will be nuked as a dupe or not.


    Several sites do not seem to be noting this release at this point.

    And the usual music/dance game releases.

    Region locked US only, Kinect required by the looks of things.

    Amazon US description
    Wipeout: In the Zone is a Party game exclusive for Xbox 360 that utilizes the full body tracking capabilities of the Kinect Sensor for Xbox 360 (required for play) to bring the over-the-top, physical obstacle course fun of the hit television show Wipeout to life on your game console like you never thought possible. Features include: local 4-person multiplayer support, unlockable characters and brand new episodes, replay functionality and the ability to use your Xbox LIVE avatars in-game.

    Say Hello to the Big Balls

    For those of you who ever watched Wipeout, the crazy obstacle course game show on ABC, and thought, "I want to do that, but without the mud, injuries, or public humiliation," now you can with Wipeout: in the Zone exclusively for Xbox 360. Unlike an earlier Wipeout video game, Wipeout: in the Zone takes the action way-way further, utilizing the Kinect sensor for Xbox 360 for full body motion control to accurately simulate the game show's iconic obstacle course. A unique use of Kinect technology, in Wipeout: in the Zone players jump across more than 50 obstacles, including the Big Balls and the Smack Wall Sweeper. The game also features commentary from the TV show's hosts: John Anderson, John Henson and Jill Wagner.
    An Xbox LIVE avatar out of control over the Big Balls in Wipeout: in the Zone

    The Kinect sensor for Xbox 360 allows you to experience gaming like never before. Easy to use and fun for everyone, it utilizes revolutionary full-body tracking to put you in the center of the fun. This amazing new technology allows the Xbox 360 to recognize your body and mirror your movements in the game, making you the controller. The sensor is compatible with every Xbox 360 and features a color VGA motion camera (640 x 480 pixel resolution @ 30FPS), a depth camera (640 x 480 pixel resolution @ 30FPS) and an array of four microphones supporting single speaker voice recognition.
    Key Game Features

    More than 50 obstacles, including your old friends from the TV show, the Sucker Punch, Big Balls and more
    Local 4-person multiplayer support
    Unlockable characters and brand new episodes that present unique, quality family time...the kind in which you can pelt each other with stuff
    Play using your favorite Xbox LIVE avatar and let it do the dirty work
    Watch your craziest course moments captured with replays

    Video One trailer.


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    Oct 27, 2004
    Would of prefered a UK version with Richard Hammond commentary.
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