[WIP] Taiko no Tatsujin: Dokodon! Mystery Adventure! - English Translation

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    Feb 5, 2016
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    figured out that setting New3DS to 804Mhz mode breaks the multiplayer/co-op function
    EDIT : weirdly enough, setting new 3ds cpu to OFF in luma v9 configuration during boot work fix it either, you have to return to homemenu after launched the game, enter rosalina menu and set the cpu to 286Mhz, and launch the game again.

    even more EDIT : not that it matter anyway since the download play is region locked and gets an error on another client after downloading the download play data.
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    Jun 27, 2019
    Where can i find langemu_jp.plg i cant find the download link :/ good tutorial btw :3
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    Jun 27, 2019
    ok i tried to patch my game but when i try it i get this error

    Attempting to patch ...
    xdelta3: using default output filename: TNT3ENG-1.0.cia
    xdelta3: using default source filename: Taiko3_decrypted.cia
    xdelta3: open file failed: read: Taiko3_decrypted.cia: The specified file could not be found.
    Done. Press enter to exit.
    Press a key to continue

    (used gg translato)

    thx for help :/

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