[WIP] Pokémon Blaze Red (Fire Red ROM Hack)

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    NOTE: This ROM Hack is still a WIP and VERY unfinished.​

    Pokémon Blaze Red is a ROM Hack of Pokémon Fire Red for GBA. It changes many things and adds a few more to the original game. More detail will be gone over in a spoiler later in this thread.​

    The point of this ROM Hack is to slightly increase the difficulty of the game to sort of match the difficulty of Pokémon Red and Blue. If you remember from 1995, that game was much more difficult than Pokémon Fire Red could ever imagine to be without a ROM Hack like this. Thus, Pokémon Blaze Red was born and is still in it's toddler-hood.​

    On top of a simple difficulty hack of the game, there are several more features that were added to the game.​
    • Harder Game Difficulty
    • A New Story Event (More to come :D)
    • Harder Gym Leaders
    • Removed Gary (Your Rival) From the Pokémon League (Now it's just the Elite Four)
    • Made the PokéMart Prices More Fair (Most Items are 90% Off)
    • Added Rare Candies to some PokéMarts in case you want to cheat a little ;)
    • Made an Obvious Reference to the Original TV Show (Try to pick it out ;))
    There are a LOT of planned features. I will add them here when I can collect them all together and write them down.​

    I will post downloads when I finish the IPS. I will also post a 3DS VC inject if anyone besides myself is interested​

    Did I miss anything? If so, let me know and I will fix it ASAP.

    Are you an artist who would be interested in creating title screen art for this ROM Hack? If so, please PM me and we can work something out. :D
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    I know I shouldn't post in such an old thread but this game caught my eye while i was googling fan games.I hope you haven't given up on it,it looks really well done from the screenshots I've seen.