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    Sep 12, 2015
    Gambia, The
    as you already mentioned I released yesterday a working 2 Player Coop Version of Ocarine of Time. Which fixed Bugs of the original Multiplayer Patch of Spinout sho from 2016. Here you found the Thread of the 2 Player Coop Hack. https://gbatemp.net/threads/release...atch-virtual-console-emulator-version.519131/

    Now Iam working on a fully playable 4 Player Coop Hack which fixed the Bugs of Spinout. The Target is the same : Playing the whole Ocarine of Time Game with 4 Players on every device.

    Known Bugs of Spinout Patch :
    -Diving is buggy
    -Boomerang for Player 2-4 wont work
    -Shield wont work properly
    -Z Targetting wont work
    -Push or Pull of things Like Blocks wont work
    -First Person is disabled
    These Bugs make it impossible to play the game. I already fixed all of them in my 2 Player Version, now Im implemented it for a working 4 Player Version. To use it on any kind of Emulator (Wii64, Virtual Console, Wad and for a future Emulator on Switch).
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