[WIP] [HELP NEEDED] The Legend of Legacy - Spanish Translation

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  1. joguersan

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    Apr 17, 2015

    Hi there, everyone.
    I'm a member of a Spanish fan-translation team called TranScene and for the last few months we've been translating The Legend of Legacy into Spanish.
    While we were able to extract, modify and reinsert every text file and the font as well, we're still struggling with textures. They are .tex files, apparently pretty similar to the ones included in Ace Attorney games and Smash Bros. However, internally, they are rather different.
    Unfortunately, none of our members have the skills needed for the task of extracting and recreating these files. Thus, we need a romhacker who is able to help us with this issue.

    Additionally, I've uploaded our own text extraction and reinsertion tools below, so the game can be translated into many other languages (hopefully, since it's a pretty good game).

    This is a proof of concept about what is actually done:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    In summary.

    What is done:
    • Text romhacking (tools below)
    • Text translation
    • Video edition
    Help needed:
    • Textures extraction and insertion (romhacking).
    Thank you in advance!
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