Question Windows tool to seemingly backup content of the SD card when connecting to PC???

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    Hi everyone,

    So I'm looking for a tool for windows that is capable of making a backup of my SD card every time I plug it into my PC. This to prevent data loss due to corruption. I know you can jut copy the content of the SD card and overwrite everything that you have backed up previoulsy on the PC.

    But is there a tool that does this martly and just compares and copies over what has changed? And that actually works? This would mean faster backups of my sd card.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I gues on earth.
    Search for something like "sync files software" and "file backup software".
    And to be honest, backing up your SD seems pretty pointless (but once it gets corrupted will be very useful), as all I care about are saves, which are stored in the console, so I can just reinstall the games and continue where I left.
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  3. Zumoly

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    Right now I don't think there's a tool for that purpose specifically.
    But you could try with this software: 'Memeo Instant Backup'
    It does what you ask but this might require you to use 'memloader' along with it for easy access of your SD card.
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    rsync is very good, if you're using your SD card in a Linux machine.
  5. Kafluke

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    I use Beyond Compare for this very purpose