Windows Server 2008 a viable choice for Vista alternative?

Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by FAST6191, Jun 25, 2008.

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    Before going on I really dislike vista and the early remarks of Windows ME v2 seem to be right on the money/getting more accurate by the day. I have spent a great deal of time I could have spent doing other things reading, tweaking and disabling/deleting stuff for my little brother and I finally make a internet+msn+a few old/undemanding games machine no better than the 700MHz "bits I found in my room" machine I am typing this on now.

    The main reason for me though is directx10.?. I stand by my earlier remarks of it being pointless at present but it seems the time is coming in the next year or so where it may actually be worth my time. Wine/similar and reactOS are worth watching but for the getting stuff done part of things it will probably not happen soon enough.
    Now server 2008 has directX10 ( ) and by all accounts is actually a half decent OS ( ) made by the time tested method of listening to your knowledgeable customers rather than foisting something on them and even appears to conform to my favourite engineering standard of "do a job without interference but allow me to tell you what to do when you come unstuck".

    Money/license issues: maybe you forgot the site we are at.

    Complexity/ease of use getting to a workable stage: provided some semblance of logic is used and there is a manual I do not care. Nothing has ever been good enough out of the box for me and I do not expect it to be this time.

    GUI: I am told it has the "vista experience" if I so desire but that is why the delete key exists and the explorer alternatives market gets better by the month.

    DRM: I have never obtained a DRM encased product for actual use (being intellectually curious is the only time I ever got something like that) that was not trivial to circumvent and I will never bother with them. Anything like that can then be safely buried without a second thought.

    Software: I mostly use implementations of well known/documented standards (FTP, HTTP+cousins, NNTP, IRC, video+audio usual suspects) and I am not adverse to learning a new app or even making/porting my own. I very much doubt that an MS OS designed for network usage lacks these protocols/standards anyhow.

    The real question then is drivers and especially video hardware as it seems to be gaining more importance by the day. New hardware can be obtained and as games, cad and video are my favourite things to do you can bet it will be high end mainstream/low end server hardware but a rough impression of who does what and how well would be valuable.

    This probably could all be summed up by Windows Server 2008, is it/will it be the discerning gamers OS of choice?
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    I don't think so. It is after all made for servers it is in neither way anymore useful for gaming than normal vista. Windows server 2008 is optimised for serverapplications and not for gaming.
    But tell us what you think after you tried it. [​IMG]
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    Server 2008 and Vista are basically the same thing. Server 2008 is built directly off Vista.

    I'm not sure what kind of improvement you're looking for there. The advantage it has over Vista is that some nonessential services are turned off to begin with.
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    Thanks for that Richy Freeway, it was a good read.

    Currently it seems I am back on the old games so no need to worry about this for now.