Windows 10 Release Date Announced - July 29th

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    Microsoft officially unveiled the latest version of their Windows operating systems in September 2014, announcing Windows 10 to the world. Later on, they announced that all genuine Windows users on 7/8/8.1 will receive a free upgrade to Windows 10, promising users a summer release date...and now that release date is here; Microsoft has officially announced that Windows 10 will launch and be available for all users on July 29th!

    Along with this update, users might have noticed a new icon in their system tray, prompting users to "Get Windows 10". This is Microsoft's "official" way to get the word out to anyone and everyone that a new Windows version is coming, and is free for genuine users.

    You can head over to the original Windows 10 thread to discuss details and your thoughts at the link provided below!

    :arrow:GBATemp Discussion Thread
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