Willing to pay someone to program a strip poker game

Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started by WeaponXxX, Apr 24, 2008.

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    I thought I would make a post dedicated to my request. I am looking to make a strip poker game for the DS however have no programming skills.
    I'd like a program to make a strip poker series preferably where I can drop in my own images at a later date (Preferably to change out girls) and compile it to a rom file
    However if I pay someone I'd like the program not to get sourced out so others could make their own versions.
    If that makes sense and your interested then hit me up with a price quote on what you'd want for you time.
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    If my laptop weren't broken I'd probably take you up on this. Although you didn't mention if you're looking to retain ownership of it. Is this for personal use or are you trying to sell it after the fact? I don't understand why you're concerned about nobody else being able to play it.

    Also which flash card do you own? Last I checked, the DS-X for example natively runs XML so it would be _very_ easy to script one exclusively for it, where changing images would be as simple as dragging+dropping in Explorer.

    And come to think of it, you didn't even need to mention the strip poker aspect. All you needed to do was say you wanted a poker game where you could customize the cards or whatever.
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    Had a bit of a time tracking it down but there is a GBA strip poker game:

    I am not up for hacking it for custom images but it likely will not be that hard.

    Edit: I can not believe I forgot teenage queen, see methodone's post below.
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    Thanks methodone, few questions
    1) Can I swap images on that?
    2) That is copyrighted material no? So if I do swap images would that be a legal nightmare?

    To anyone reading this who can program:
    Listen, I have no idea what kind of time this would take to program nor do I like to pitch an opening bid but lets say this is a 1 day project? $100 for an app made close to what I want it to do. Videos VS Images negotiable however I am highly exited over the idea of videos.

    If someone does link me to a an app already made (like Teenage Queen) If that suits my needs then sure I got no problem throwing out 5 bucks [​IMG]
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    I know this is a super old thread and necro bumps are teh lews, but for the sake of google searches on strip poker GBA/NDS I just wanted to add that Vice Poker GBA is awesome. It has actual video in it: http://vicepoker.tripod.com/index.htm

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I still play it on my phone :wub: