Will turning off memory card emulation from the Nintendont options delete all saves or hide them?

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    Feb 19, 2019
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    So I’ve spent days making progress on Mario Sunshine and Luigi’s Mansion, and I noticed the saved are not on my memory cards but on the emulated memory card options list for Nintendont so I’m curious if I temporarily turn the option off and save my progress on my actual memory cards, will turning off the memory card emulation delete all my progress or not?

    Also I hear some claiming two ways to dump Nintendont saves onto a save, either by using a homebrew app or by just putting the SD card into a pc and extracting the .rar files from the saves directory to get out the gci files. Are both methods valid or not?
  2. MrSW

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    Sep 2, 2018
    no, it wont delete them

    it will just make that the games will look for the saves in the memory card instead of the files in your sd card

    i recommend using savemanager gx to transfer your data
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    Oct 7, 2018
    Not sgmgx use https://wiibrew.org/wiki/GCMM

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    It’s a memory card manager it is capable to write your .raw saves on your sd/usb to a real memory card
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