will this work? Substitute passme2 for an R4i...

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    Ok, I do not own a passme, and it would be a waste to go and buy one just to flash "flashme" on my other ds lite. I frequently cannot find one or the other ds's I own (one is a dsi that I use the r4i on and the other is a ds lite) so when the dsi is lost, I cannot play my homebrew movies, etc on the ds lite.

    I do own an EZ Flash IV for my GBMicro that I'd like to be able to use with the ds lite.

    My question to you is how would I flash Flashme onto a ds lite using the R4i to boot the files instead of a passme2? I don't want to mess anything up and brick my ds lite that's why I'm asking in here first. I've searched for days now and have come up with nothing. I'm assuming many people wouldn't want/need to do this if they had an r4i anyway but I do. Thanks for you help. Does this tut still apply http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=33481
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    Hang on, why can't you run homebrew on the DS Lite? I've never heard of a device that works only on the DSi and nothing sooner. Just because the R4i has a lowercase i in the name doesn't mean it won't work on a Lite.

    Nevertheless, you can just launch FlashMe.nds from the R4i and follow the instructions. Or if you really want to make it more difficult, put FlashMe.nds on your EZ IV and use the R4i as a NoPass device to boot it in DS mode and launch FlashMe.nds from there. But again, this shouldn't be necessary.