will the 3DS XL boot without WiFi antenna? or can you just bridge the broken wire in the WiFi chip?

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  1. Jahhhhhh

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    I'm about to buy a broken 3DS XL that has been split into two :yay3ds: my primary goal is just to harvest the battery so I could have a backup. But I am just wondering if it would work with only attaching the chip on the board? or can I just solder and bridge the broken connection?


    also, I have a lot of spare DS lite wifi antenna would that work with the 3DS wifi chip? :ha:
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    How bad is this split, and what seems to be the part that's split? Are we talking about a broken motherboard or broken WiFi cable?

    Old 3DS and 2DS series will not boot if their WiFi module is not in place. In fact, sometimes that part becomes loose, and it needs to be reseated.

    New series 3DS/2DS has their WiFi baked in.

    If all you need is a replacement WiFi module for an Old 3DS XL:
    I don't think the older DS(i) modules will work with the 3DS/2DS.
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  3. Lilith Valentine

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    From personal experience, actually will boot without the antenna. It's only when the actual wifi chip is loose/missing will the home menu fail to boot completely.
  4. Jahhhhhh

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    Nov 5, 2015
    the top and bottom half is in two pieces , so the lcd, speaker,camera and the wifi cable is ripped haha the module is still intact on the lower part of the 3ds :)

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    thanks for confirming! less expense for me! :D