Will my Flash 2 Advance card boot up on DS Lite?

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by Adent, Jan 28, 2007.

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    Okay I'm finally going to buy a DS Lite but I still want to play GBA games. Will the Flash 2 Advance Card boot up in a DS Lite without the need of a passcard? I'm not getting rid of my GBA but if I could just carry around a DSL with both the R4 and F2A then it would be more convenient. If the F2A does boot up in a DSL will it boot up in a DSL from the passme option in the R4 gui?

    To clarify further I am not looking to boot up DS games from my F2A card. Also would you recommend buying a $22 Sandisk 1gb Micro SD over a $12 kingston 1gb micro sd? I don't care about that one castelvania game but I don't want to get a card thats going to crap out on me either.
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    Dec 10, 2005
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    Yup, mine F2A works just fine for GBA games without a passcard. If I recall, I think I also used it with the original passme kit to do homebrew way back in the day, but that might have been a different flash kit.

    Also, the Kingston 1GB microSD is GREAT, don't spend the extra money for the Sandisk.
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    Why would Kingston make memory cards that "crap out"?
    Some people are brand loyal or recognize a brand and trust it immediately, and I understand it and might even do the same.

    But I'd go with the Kingston. It's cheaper.
  4. Adent

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    The price just seemed too good to be true. [​IMG] I just ordered the Kingston 1gb micro SD from New EGG and the R4 DS from modchipstore.com. Now I just have to track down a DS which is very scarce. [​IMG]