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Discussion in 'CycloDS' started by Caustic, Oct 4, 2007.

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    Oct 3, 2007
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    Alright, long story short, I'm completely new to this.

    I literally learned about this technology about an hour ago, and I've spent the last half hour researching and trying to find the best combination.

    Right now, I'm thinking of buying a Cyclo DS Evolution, an EZV 3 in 1 Expansion pack, a Kingston 16Gb (2GB) MicroSD, and a MicroSD Reader (Can anyone suggest a good USB MicroSD reader? I heard that certain ones have a small risk of corrupting the Card.)

    The Cyclo DS Evolution and the EZV 3-in-1 Expansion pack are compatible, right? Are the items listed above all I'll be needing, or am I forgetting some components?

    Thank you for your help.
  2. hanman

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    nope, that should be everything you need to play DS and GBA games.
  3. webjedi

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    Jul 4, 2007
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    CycloDS comes with a reader. Also both times I've bought a Kingston 2GB MicroSD they've come with readers as well.

    I've exclusively been using the new Cyclo reader for a couple months now and have had zero issues. Same is true when I used the older (blue) Cyclo packaged reader.

    And make sure the Kingston is made in Japan. [​IMG]
  4. tomqman

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    Aug 7, 2007
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    yet thats all you need. enjoy ur products when u buy and get them