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    I've seen quite a few threads that are a list of something that needs to be updated regularly, including a few where people are complaining that the first post should be updated with newer information. Some people might want to collaborate with others on maintaining the first post of a thread for things like software releases or something. I think it would be a good idea if the OP or a moderator could check a box when posting it and it becomes a "WikiThread", so that virtually anyone can edit it.

    Just a suggestion based on an observation :)
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    I brought this up a bit ago, the answer was "then just use the wiki".
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    the problem is that most people that i've talked to do not want to use the wiki, and they stick with the threads they are comfortable with. also the thread allows them to post what THEY want and it isn't open to random edits that takes the projects away from them.

    as for a check box, would have to code what the check box does, which would be to generate the wiki. but how would you do that? what code would it generate? who is to say what is the best way to organize a list or an article on the wiki? how do you know what goes where from a thread? what should be a header, what should be text, etc? as i understood it, it was a lot of work for something that really isn't needed.

    -another world
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    I'm not saying that placing a checkbox on the posting page would magically make it work, but as this is a forum and there are already options in place for moderators to edit any post, it wouldn't be too difficult to extend that to all users for threads that are marked as wiki. However, you would need some kind of revision history/diff implementation, for rollbacks in case of abuse, mistakes or disagreements. With the site already having wikis, it might be straightforward enough to integrate that with thread posting. I don't know how the site is put together on the back end, so I'm just speculating, really.

    IP.Board may even already have some kind of plugin going on for this, so it might take all of 10 minutes to set up for all I know :wink:
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    I think he didn't want to auto-generate a wiki page based on the thread, but that the thread could be edited by every confirm users (100+ posts) like if it was a wiki article.
    It would require a history log to prevent vandalism.

    I previously thought about including a wiki article directly in a post (iframe), but it's not secure.
    I guess a post marked as editable by the first poster with a history is the better solution, but it would require the first user to mark the post as freely editable.

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