WiiWare/VC Channel Emulation/Saves Emulation NEEK SAVES and WIFI

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    I got a juicy one for all you Wii heads out there. This is essentially a two pronged question so i will be as concise as I can. I have Channels on my SD card, lots of channels. So many as I don't have the room for on my real NAND Now, I was playing round with MarioKartArcade GP and I kind of killed my SD card. No big deal, I thought, I'll just load 'em up again from a backup. Well, to my dismay I lost all my game saves too, at least for the Emunand channels. I also have been playing around with NEEK. I have an EmuNAND running so I could test Mario Kart Arcade GP without messing with my RealNAND setup. It works but I guess my question is. When booted to NEEK EmuNAND can I have the saves of a Wii/WW/VC game save to my Realnand so I don't have to manually pick out the save and do some NAND flashy crap? Otherwise, can I use USBLOADERGX emulated channels on SD card and save onto my RealNAND? I found options for channel emulation full or partial and for saves emulation too but I have no idea what they do or if they can do as i want. I figured that with the saves emulation OFF it would save to my Realnand but it seems I was wrong...

    Another question about a UNEEK EmuNAND. I can't use the WIFI when using UNEEK. I can't DL Ocarina codes or covers when booted to Emunand with NEEK and I was hoping someone might know how to make that work.

    Also, crappy on the quadforce leak..... no updates.... :(

    Thanks guys I really appreciate the info!