wiiware downloadable content ( dlc ), patch?

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    Jan 7, 2009
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    I recently bought a wii, and I have softmodded it. I have downloaded many wiiware wads like megaman 9, etc ...
    I have found that theres some downloadable content one can get in games like this, so I was wondering if its possible to find these dlc files and "patch" them into the wads I currently have.
    I know there are "complete" wads that have already all the dlc included in it, but the thing is that I dont want to lose my progress in the game I already have ( the regular one ).
    Can I find just the dlc files or they only come already in the wad?
    Btw, I have a 4.0u system with cios38r14 and I cant use the shop channel. Should I update to 4.2?