wiiware and virtual console titles on Wii U/vWii

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    Hello to all. I'm fairly new to the scene and brand new to this particular forum. So: Hi!

    Ok, I'll dive right into it. I have read and browsed these forums for about two days now and I'm still not sure what the right answer to my question is. Because some answers were given but then I realized that they were outdated, some I didn't even understand at all, others lead me to approx. 10 subsites and I eventually lost track of what I even want.

    So here is what I want. I try to put this as simple as possible, by starting what my individual situation is and what I want to achieve. (If my language or the vocabular that I use is incorrect, please feel free to point that out to me, I'm willing to learn the correct terminology)

    I own a Wii U, I softmodded it using a german tutorial called UHG Downloader. Unfortunately I cannot say what exactly it did, but I have the Homebrew Channel, I can start backed up games using the USB Loader GX. The loader also has a forwarder channel in the vWii system menu. I managed to install a forwarder channel for the Zsnes9x also.
    In the SD card slot is a formatted 2 gb sd card that holds all the apps and some games for the zsnes.

    Now what I want is to install WAD files. I have WAD files for Mario Kart 64 and Zelda, also some WiiWare stuff.
    First I thought of simply installing it via the YAWMM that came with the softmodding process, but then I didn't dare do it because of a brick risk. I know this question was asked in these very forums but oddly enough I didn't feel like my question is answered.
    -I'm still not sure if I need an EmuNand. (I clicked a link that lead to a site where it read: "install EmuNand on vWii, but I didn't understand what to do exactly...?)
    -I'm still not sure if WAD files for games can or cannot brick the vWii
    -I'm still not sure if the WAD game or WiiWare runs off an SD card, and if so, is it the same SD card that is in my Wii all the time or can it be switched or can I even plug another USB Drive into the console? So that WAD games run off that USB Drive like the games that USB Loader GX uses.

    If anyone would be so kind as to assist me in unraveling the confusion I have with my Wii U/vWii, I really would appreciate it!!

    Best regards!

    ps. if any further information should be required, please let me know and I will edit this post accordingly.