Wiiware and DS demos

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    Nintendo of America will launch the Wii channel that offers downloadable DS titles and information about the company's games when WiiWare rolls out in the United States next month (May 12th to be exact).

    The Nintendo Channel dishes out lists of upcoming games for the Wii and Nintendo DS, which users can sort by release date, publisher, genre, etc.

    It also allows players to download demo versions of games for the portable Nintendo DS. The Wii beams the game demos to the DS wirelessly, and the demos stay on the DS until it is shut off.


    It's finally arriving!
  2. Awdofgum

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    Finally, although this seems really pointless for people with flashcarts, cause they can demo the full game for free [​IMG]
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    Great Idea for people who don't have flashcarts tho. Hell, DS downloadplay in stores is a great idea...but it seems to be widely ignored. I only just realized the local wal-mart has one, I don't ever go to there except to visit my brother in electronics (BTW..I got him to let me leaf through the offical nintendo release book they have there, pretty snazzy). I'd want this for my WII if I had a WII and if I didnt have a flashcart.
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    On top of that, its a demo so you know if you like the game or not. You want a game but not sure how it plays out. You use a demo and you can decide if you like it or not. Nintendo made a nice move with this.
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    When they first started that, I went down to one of the local gamestops to try it out, its pretty cool, but the big problem I found is noone makes accomidations for it. The few places I tried it only had enough range to work inside the store, but they have no place to sit down. I either had to walk in and out(as I wanted to try the various demos) or stand in a corner of the store. Since then, it seems to be the same, so I don't bother. In addition, they didn't get volume 2 for a while, who knows if they ever did or not.

    So yeah, good idea, horrible implementation.
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    Demo wise I just setup my PC wificard with the ol wifi server prog in the earlier DS homebrew days.
    Downloaded the demo packs and served em to myself xD
    Running homebrew was good this way too, downloading them temporarly.
    Has that thing faded out already?
    Did have to have a modified DS to run the homebrew downloads anyway but it was real convient to have them floating about the house.

    Store wise I feel akward playing while random poeple walk by.

    This will be nice to have official demos come straight from my system.

    Wiiware demos would be a smart move but I thought Nintendo wasnt gonna bother for whatever reason.

    Eh either way, this will be a nice channel to have.