1. ShadowOne333

    ShadowOne333 GBAtemp Guru

    Jan 17, 2013
    Some, but no all.
    If you notice, the games which ended up having those changes to the ROM tend to be first party games, perhaps they didn't have a say or couldn't touch other games from 2nd/3rd party, which is why they went with the dark filter.
  2. Hozu

    Hozu GBAtemp Fan

    Aug 25, 2010
    Don't forget that they were also released on the Wii VC, which only has a dark filter for NES games, IIRC.
  3. the_randomizer

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    Apr 29, 2011
    United States
    Is there any explanation for the piss poor point-sampling audio interpolation used in DK64, when the game on real hardware didn't sound nearly as tinny/distorted? I can see the dark filters to reducing epilepsy, but why wasn't it used on the Wii? Sad that only 20 N64 games or so were ever released on both consoles. That was my understanding anyway, but that said, with the removal of said filter, the games actually look more normal.
  4. George miller

    George miller Advanced Member

    Sep 15, 2016
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    Since community knows how to disable dark filter on N64 games, can it be done too with the NES and SNES games too (or just any other game consoles that need it on the WII wads or vWII wup files on the VC)? Thanks in advance.
  5. the_randomizer

    the_randomizer The Temp's official fox whisperer

    Apr 29, 2011
    United States
    AFAIK, Snes games weren't darkened, but can be stretched to fill the screen. Unfortunately, that requires one to decompile the RPX into an ELF file, used with IDA pro hex editing, and recompiled with the ELF to RPX converter. That requires the Wii U SDK, and it's a pain. I wrote a thread quite a while ago on that.
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  6. George miller

    George miller Advanced Member

    Sep 15, 2016
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    Oh I see, so only NES games have the issue, understood, wish someday something can be done about that.
  7. the_randomizer

    the_randomizer The Temp's official fox whisperer

    Apr 29, 2011
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    Here's hoping the NES emulator on Switch is better, it should be seeing as NERD (the devs who developed the one for the NES Classic), less dark and more vibrant. AFAIK, the dark filter was to reduce epileptic issues.
  8. vbarros22

    vbarros22 GBAtemp Regular

    Jun 20, 2017
    The "problem" with the dark filter is only on the N64 and NES? DS and GBA suffer from the same problem? I am looking for answers but the general criticism is on the N64
  9. the_randomizer

    the_randomizer The Temp's official fox whisperer

    Apr 29, 2011
    United States
    No, NERD and M2 wrote the DS and GBA emulators respectively, and are superior in terms of accuracy.
  10. DonCaballero

    DonCaballero Advanced Member

    Mar 8, 2017
    Don't know about the DS, but the GBA games are sadly dark filtered to oblivion. Which is a shame because it would be the perfect way to play GBA if it wasn't for this bullsh*t.
  11. the_randomizer

    the_randomizer The Temp's official fox whisperer

    Apr 29, 2011
    United States
    Sure beats having GBA games having the colors too bright, which look like garbage.
  12. ShadowOne333

    ShadowOne333 GBAtemp Guru

    Jan 17, 2013
    I agree.
    Unlike the NES, SNES and N64 VC releases, the GBA DOES benefit from the dark filter.
    A lot of games from the GBA library were victims to the awful unlit screen of the original GBA model, so having the dark filter into them does help with keeping the oversaturation that plagues the GBA library to a minimum and more eye-friendly.

    It's the only console were having a dark filter is excused.
  13. Fgamer

    Fgamer Advanced Member

    May 26, 2012
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  14. ShadowOne333

    ShadowOne333 GBAtemp Guru

    Jan 17, 2013
    I tried implementing the Doom 64 one, which is a simple two byte change in one address only, but I couldn't get it to work with the [Cheat] argument inside the ini.

    The one I'm talking about is this one:

    Doom 64 (1.0) NTSC-U:
    810A68E2 C71C
    I tried doing this in the ini:

    ; Basically action replay type editing, to disable additional copy protection etc
    Cheat0 = 1
    Cheat0_Addr = 0x810A68E2
    Cheat0_Value = 0xC71C
    Cheat0_Bytes = 2
    But I couldn't make it work.
    If someone can try it out with perhaps several ROMs of Doom 64, let me know, and try playing around with the values of Cheat0, perhaps that has something to do as well.

    Here are a ton more which someone sent to me some time back:

    Mario Tennis NTSC-U:
    81033CA6 3FE4

    Mario Golf NTSC-U:
    8102F29A 3FE3
    D12020F6 3FAA
    812020F6 3FE3

    Diddy Kong Racing (1.1) (GS) NTSC-U:
    81066246 3FE3
    81066396 3FE3
    810663FE 3FE3
    8107037A 3740
    81126714 3FE3

    Diddy Kong Racing (1.1) (IPS) NTSC-U:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/kpvedbvou...ing (USA) (En,Fr) (Rev A) Widescreen.ips?dl=1
    Corrects Sprites and Interface Widths.

    Diddy Kong Racing (1.0) NTSC-U:
    81066006 3FE3
    81066156 3FE3
    810661BE 3FE3
    81126174 3FE3

    Diddy Kong Racing (1.0) PAL:
    81066006 3FE3
    81066156 3FE3
    810661BE 3FE3
    81126204 3FCE

    Diddy Kong Racing (1.1) PAL:
    81066246 3FE3
    81066396 3FE3
    810663FE 3FE3
    8107037A 3740
    811267A4 3FCE

    Diddy Kong Racing NTSC-J:
    810660D6 3FE3
    81066226 3FE3
    8106628E 3FE3
    81127C04 3FE3

    Banjo Kazooie (GS) (1.1) NTSC-U:
    8127683C 4334
    81276840 4334
    81274B74 3FE6
    Textboxes Too Small. Retroben helped with fixing clipping issues.

    Banjo Kazooie (IPS) (1.1) NTSC-U:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/wy6lehorvh3cmuq/Banjo-Kazooie (USA) (Rev A) WS.ips?dl=0
    Textboxes Too Small.

    Banjo Kazooie (GS) (1.0) NTSC-U:
    81277A0C 4334
    81277A10 4334
    81275D24 3FE6
    Textboxes Too Small. Retroben helped with fixing clipping issues.

    Banjo Kazooie (IPS) (1.0) NTSC-U:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/1xti6rp18l3zpjt/Banjo-Kazooie (USA) WS.ips?dl=0
    Textboxes Too Small.

    Bomberman Hero NTSC-J:
    81036CE4 3C07
    81036CE8 3FE3

    Bomberman Hero (GS) NTSC-U:
    81036E94 3C07
    81036E96 3FE3

    Bomberman Hero (IPS) NTSC-U:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/akaoqwcn4ufng4z/Bomberman Hero (USA) Widescreen.ips?dl=1
    Narrows Sprites. Patch using any IPS patcher.

    Doubutsu no Mori NTSC-J:
    810CB180 3C07
    810CB182 3FE3

    Turok Dinosaur Hunter (1.0) NTSC-U:
    8103851E 43D5

    Rugrats Scavenger Hunt NTSC-U:
    8100F8C2 4036
    8101E426 4036

    Mario Party (IPS) NTSC-U:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/fp67e35knu95ygi/Mario Party 1 WS.ips?dl=1
    Narrows Sprites. Patch using any IPS patcher.

    Mario Party 2 (IPS) NTSC-U:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ham8bmj8a350tnu/Mario Party 2 (USA) Widescreen.ips?dl=0
    Patch using any IPS patcher. Boards in 4:3. Narrows Sprites.

    Mario Party 3 (xdelta) NTSC-U:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/q8rs3zyir2ir5s9/Mario Party 3 Widescreen (V2).xdelta?dl=0
    Narrows Sprites. Patch using any xdelta. Force 16kbit EEPROM to save. Requires Expansion Pak.

    Super Mario 64 NTSC-U:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/5uc29wm2yd7r5lz/Super Mario 64 (USA) Widescreen Patch.ips?dl=1
    Patch using any IPS patcher. Narrows Most 2D.

    Mario Kart 64 NTSC-U:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/0rr73kal2ik9de4/Mario Kart 64 Widescreen Patch.ips?dl=0
    Patch using any IPS patcher. Narrows 2D.

    Star Fox 64 NTSC-U:
    810031A2 3FE3
    Misalignments in Menus.

    Ocarina of Time (GC Edition) NTSC-U:
    81091DFC 3C07
    81091DFE 3FE3
    8102499C 2402

    Ocarina of Time (1.2) NTSC:
    81025188 2402
    81092718 3C07
    8109271A 3FE3

    Majora's Mask NTSC-U:
    8113F834 3C07
    8113F836 3FE3

    Majora's Mask (1.0) NTSC-J:
    81143CA4 3C07
    81143CA6 3FE3

    Superman 64 NTSC-U:
    810DE77C 3FE3
    810DE77E 8E39
    810DE780 401B
    810DE782 26CB
    810DE784 3F63
    810DE786 8E39
    810DE788 4063
    810DE78A 8E39
    810DE78C 3FE3
    810DE78E 8E39
    810DE790 3FE3
    810DE792 8E39
    810DE794 4063
    810DE796 8E39
    810DE798 3FE3
    810DE79A 8E39
    810B1C0E 3FE3
    810B1C12 8E39
    8107A940 241B
    8107A942 0001
    8107A944 A5DB
    8107A946 A328
    8107A948 240E
    8107A94A 0001

    Mario Party (GS) NTSC-U:
    8101D5F2 3FE3
    8101DA8A 3FE3
    D10F8BF6 3FAA
    810F8BF6 3FE3
    8104BCC0 0801
    8104BCC2 7BEA
    8104BCC4 C602
    8104BCC6 0004
    8105EFA8 3C1B
    8105EFAA 3FAB
    8105EFAC 449B
    8105EFAE 0000
    8105EFB0 4600
    8105EFB2 1082
    8105EFB4 8E06
    8105EFB6 0008
    8105EFB8 0801
    8105EFBA 2F32
    8105EFBC 4405
    8105EFBE 1000
    81024D08 0801
    81024D0A 7BF0
    81024D0C C602
    81024D0E 0024
    8105EFC0 3C1B
    8105EFC2 800E
    8105EFC4 8F7B
    8105EFC6 811C
    8105EFC8 101B
    8105EFCA 0004
    8105EFCC 2400
    8105EFD0 3C1B
    8105EFD2 3FAB
    8105EFD4 449B
    8105EFD6 0000
    8105EFD8 4600
    8105EFDA 1082
    8105EFDC 4405
    8105EFDE 1000
    8105EFE0 0800
    8105EFE2 9344
    8105EFE4 8E06
    8105EFE6 0028

    Mario Party NTSC-J:
    8101D522 3FE3
    8101DD1E 3FE3
    D10F8046 3FAA
    810F8046 3FE3
    8104BB40 0801
    8104BB42 7ADD
    8104BB44 C602
    8104BB46 0004
    8105EB74 3C1B
    8105EB76 3FAB
    8105EB78 449B
    8105EB7A 0000
    8105EB7C 4600
    8105EB7E 1082
    8105EB80 8E06
    8105EB82 0008
    8105EB84 0801
    8105EB86 2ED2
    8105EB88 4405
    8105EB8A 1000
    81024C38 0801
    81024C3A 7AE3
    81024C3C C602
    81024C3E 0024
    8105EB8C 3C1B
    8105EB8E 800D
    8105EB90 8F7B
    8105EB92 75CC
    8105EB94 101B
    8105EB96 0004
    8105EB98 2400
    8105EB9C 3C1B
    8105EB9E 3FAB
    8105EBA0 449B
    8105EBA2 0000
    8105EBA4 4600
    8105EBA6 1082
    8105EBA8 4405
    8105EBAA 1000
    8105EBAC 0800
    8105EBAE 9310
    8105EBB0 8E06
    8105EBB2 0028

    Mario Party PAL:
    8101E3D2 3FE3
    8101EBE6 3FE3
    D1105E52 3FAA
    81105E52 3FE3
    8104DDEC 0801
    8104DDEE 86D1
    8104DDF0 C602
    8104DDF2 0004
    81061B44 3C1B
    81061B46 3FAB
    81061B48 449B
    81061B4A 0000
    81061B4C 4600
    81061B4E 1082
    81061B50 8E06
    81061B52 0008
    81061B54 0801
    81061B56 377D
    81061B58 4405
    81061B5A 1000
    81025D68 0801
    81025D6A 86D7
    81025D6C C602
    81025D6E 0024
    81061B5C 3C1B
    81061B5E 800E
    81061B60 8F7B
    81061B62 FADC
    81061B64 101B
    81061B66 0004
    81061B68 2400
    81061B6C 3C1B
    81061B6E 3FAB
    81061B70 449B
    81061B72 0000
    81061B74 4600
    81061B76 1082
    81061B78 4405
    81061B7A 1000
    81061B7C 0800
    81061B7E 975C
    81061B80 8E06
    81061B82 0028

    Mario Party 2 NTSC-J:
    8101FB1A 3FE3
    810538D4 080C
    810538D6 0074
    810538D8 3C1B
    810538DA 3FAB
    813001D0 449B
    813001D2 6000
    813001D4 460C
    813001D6 0002
    813001D8 4606
    813001DA 0002
    813001DC 0801
    813001DE 4E37
    813001E0 2400
    Boards in 4:3.

    Mario Party 2 PAL:
    8101FBBA 3FE3
    81052D3C 080C
    81052D3E 0074
    81052D40 3C1B
    81052D42 3FAB
    813001D0 449B
    813001D2 6000
    813001D4 460C
    813001D6 0002
    813001D8 4606
    813001DA 0002
    813001DC 0801
    813001DE 4B51
    813001E0 2400
    Boards in 4:3.

    Mario Party 2 NTSC-U:
    8102045A 3FE3
    81053554 0801
    81053556 DFD4
    81053558 3C1B
    8105355A 3FAB
    81077F50 449B
    81077F52 6000
    81077F54 460C
    81077F56 0002
    81077F58 4606
    81077F5A 0002
    81077F5C 0801
    81077F5E 4D57
    81077F60 0000
    81077F62 0000
    Boards in 4:3.

    Paper Mario (GS) NTSC-U:
    8102D574 2407
    8102D576 018A

    Paper Mario (XDelta) NTSC-U:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/jeetfg1026tt65m/Paper Mario Widescreen Patch.xdelta?dl=0
    Requires Xdelta due to changes over 16MB Mark. Apply on .z64 ROM of Paper Mario.

    Mario Story NTSC-J:
    8102D204 2407
    8102D206 018A

    Pokemon Stadium NTSC-U:
    81011E6C 240F
    81011E6E 00F0
    81011E70 240E
    81011E72 01AB

    Pokemon Snap NTSC-U:
    8101C7A0 0801
    8101C7A2 0F84
    81043E10 3C1B
    81043E12 3F40
    81043E14 449B
    81043E16 2000
    81043E18 0800
    81043E1A 71EA
    81043E1C 4604
    81043E1E 4202
    D10A80A6 A113
    810B0518 4300

    Super Smash Bros NTSC-U:
    8103B884 3FE3
    8110D288 3C07
    8110D28A 3FE8
    810D0F64 3C07
    810D0F66 3FE8
    Minor Menu Misalignments.

    Nintendo All-Star! Dairantou Smash Brothers NTSC-J:
    8103BC94 3FE3
    8110AE98 3C07
    8110AE9A 3FE8
    810CEE44 3C07
    810CEE46 3FE8
    Minor Menu Misalignments.

    Wave Race 64 NTSC-U:
    810699FA 3FE3
    811E11F2 3FE3
    811EF3F2 3FE3
    811F07E6 3FE3
    D12C58C2 4204
    812C58C6 3FAA
    D12C5896 8C50
    812C5890 3C07
    D12C5896 8C50
    812C5892 3FAA

    F-Zero X NTSC-U:
    8106D164 0803
    8106D166 522C
    810D48B0 3C1B
    810D48B2 3F40
    810D48B4 449B
    810D48B6 9000
    810D48B8 0000
    810D48BA 0000
    810D48BC 0801
    810D48BE B45B
    810D48C0 4612
    810D48C2 3182
    D11418A0 3F99
    811418A0 3FCC

    F-Zero X (IPS) NTSC-U:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/2d5x05z8b5wxwyz/F-Zero X (USA) Widescreen.z64.ips?dl=0
    Patch using any IPS patcher. Narrows Most 2D.

    Beetle's Adventure Racing NTSC-U:
    D1178BF6 3F00
    81178BF6 3F2B
    D1178C16 3F00
    81178C16 3F2B

    Bomberman 64 The Second Attack NTSC-U:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ij2hagbpg...he Second Attack! (U) [!] Widescreen.ips?dl=1
    Narrows Sprites. Patch using any IPS patcher.

    Star Wars Episode 1 Racer NTSC-U:
    81085FC4 2405
    81085FC6 01A2
    81085FFE 3F25
    81011F40 240F
    81011F42 00F0
    81011FDC 2484
    81011FDE 0035
    81011FE0 1000
    8103D508 0802
    8103D50A A0AC
    810A82B0 4487
    810A82B2 7000
    810A82B4 3C1B
    810A82B6 3F40
    810A82B8 449B
    810A82BA 0000
    810A82BC 0000
    810A82BE 0000
    810A82C0 4600
    810A82C2 7382
    810A82C4 0005
    810A82C6 0883
    810A82C8 0005
    810A82CA 2843
    810A82CC 00A1
    810A82CE 2821
    810A82D0 0800
    810A82D2 F544
    810A82D4 24A5
    810A82D6 0028
    8100A726 41D5
    8100A768 2405
    8100A76A FFCB
    8100A5D2 41D5
    8100A614 2405
    8100A616 FFCB
    8100A79A 41D5
    8100A7D8 2405
    8100A7DA FFCB
    8101A690 2405
    8101A692 FFCB
    8101A6A2 3F2A
    81057EEC 2405
    81057EEE FFCB
    81057EFE 43D5
    Narrow Sprites Widths.

    Star Wars Episode 1 Racer (IPS) NTSC-U:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/80pv84plar66w5l/Star Wars Episode I - Racer WS.ips?dl=0
    Patch using any IPS patcher. Narrows Sprites Widths. Force 16kbit EEPROM to save.

    Star Wars Rogue Squardon (1.0) NTSC-U:
    810007DC 3FE3
    D10C1E6A 0D60
    810C1E66 FE00
    D10C1E6A 0D60
    810C1E7A 0200
    8103A51C C0AA
    UI Partially Fixed. Also has Shorter Draw Distance.

    Rayman 2 NTSC-U:
    81099E10 2402
    81099E12 0190
    81099E34 2402
    81099E36 00E0
    81089BC4 03E0
    81089BC6 0008
    81089BC8 2402
    81089BCA 0001

    Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon NTSC-U:
    81017F2A 3FE3
    Some Textboxes Too Small.

    Bomberman 64 NTSC-U:
    812B0288 C255
    812B0290 43BA
    81233BB2 C0F0
    D1049DA6 0062
    81049DA6 0071
    D1049DA6 0050
    81049DA6 0064
    D1049D9A E148
    81049D98 3F15
    D1049D9A E148
    81049E2E 00CB
    D1049D9A E148
    81049E20 3F15
    D1049D9A E148
    81049DAC 4228
    D1049D9A E148
    81049E34 4228
    D10469A4 356C
    81046976 0000
    D10469A4 356C
    810470D2 008C
    D10469A4 356C
    810470EE 00B4
    812A53F8 1969
    81242652 0555
    812A0782 00A0
    812A0796 0420
    812428E2 0555
    8124286E 0007
    812A076A 010B
    812A0766 002C
    81241F0E 0555
    812A07E2 00A0
    812A07F6 01FA
    812A080A 02BA
    812A081E 037A
    812A0832 0438
    812421BA 0555
    812421DA 0007
    812A079E 002C
    812A07A2 0033
    812A07A6 003A
    812A07AA 0082
    812A07AE 00B2
    812A07B2 00E2
    812A07B6 0112
    81228F4C 080A
    81228F4E 9198
    812A4660 C644
    812A4662 0010
    812A4664 3C04
    812A4666 3F40
    812A4668 4484
    812A466A 3000
    812A466C 4606
    812A466E 5282
    812A4670 4606
    812A4672 2102
    812A4674 3C04
    812A4676 4220
    812A4678 4484
    812A467A 3000
    812A467C 4606
    812A467E 5280
    812A4680 4606
    812A4682 2100
    812A4684 0808
    812A4686 A3D5
    812A4688 4406
    812A468A 2000
    Narrows Sprites.

    Kirby 64 NTSC-U:
    8101B0E0 0801
    8101B0E2 0344
    81040D10 3C1B
    81040D12 3F40
    81040D14 449B
    81040D16 2000
    81040D18 0800
    81040D1A 6C3A
    81040D1C 4604
    81040D1E 4202

    Mortal Kombat Mythologies NTSC-U:
    8101B95A C355
    8101BA6E 4355
    8101AEE6 FF2A
    8101AEDE 00D6
    8105CC42 FF5E
    8105CC14 0004
    8105CC16 2080
    8105CC18 241B
    8105CC1A 0300
    8105CC1C 009B
    8105CC1E 001B
    8105CC20 0000
    8105CC22 9012
    8105D81C 0003
    8105D81E 1880
    8105D820 241B
    8105D822 0300
    8105D824 007B
    8105D826 001B
    8105D828 0000
    8105D82A 9012
    8105D84A FF5F
    810743E6 FF40
    8107455E FF40
    8107463E FF40
    8107445E FF96
    810745D6 FF96
    810744C6 FF40
    81074874 0003
    81074876 1880
    81074878 241B
    8107487A 0300
    8107487C 007B
    8107487E 001B
    81074880 0000
    81074882 8812
    810748B6 FF38
    81074AEA FF39
    81074A78 0004
    81074A7A 2080
    81074A7C 241B
    81074A7E 0300
    81074A84 009B
    81074A86 001B
    81074A88 0000
    81074A8A A812
    8101B68A FF2B
    8101B6F2 00D5
    81064366 FF2B
    810643AA 00D5
    810643E2 00D5
    81064432 FF2B
    8109F69C FFFF
    8109F69E FFCB
    8109F6A6 0079
    8109F6B6 007A
    Minor Clipping Issues.

    Sin and Punishment NTSC-J:
    81062CCC 3FE3

    Star Soldier Vanishing Earth NTSC-U:
    810754EC 3FE3
    Clearing Issues Near Edges of Screen.

    1080 Snowboarding NTSC:
    810F8FE8 240E
    810F8FEA 01AB

    The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (Debug ROM) (GS):
    810AACD0 3C07
    810AACD2 3FE3
    8103175C 2402

    The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (Debug ROM) (IPS):
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/kv6l1isvovx1y6q/OOT Widescreen Patch Debug ROM.ips?dl=1

    The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time PAL:
    81025044 1000
    81025046 0023
    81092778 3C07
    8109277A 3FE3
    Includes Both 1.0 and 1.1. Originally by Darkludx.

    The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (1.0) NTSC:
    81024A18 1000
    81024A1A 0023
    810920D8 3C07
    810920DA 3FE3
    Originally by Darkludx.

    The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (1.1) NTSC:
    81024A18 1000
    81024A1A 0023
    810920E8 3C07
    810920EA 3FE3
    Originally by Darkludx.

    Super Mario 64 (GS) NTSC-U:
    81325034 3C07
    81325036 3FE3
    8127D6A0 1000
    8127D6D4 1000
    Menu Misalignments. Also works on All ROM Hacks.

    Super Mario 64 (Orignal) NTSC-J:
    81324104 3C07
    81324106 3FE3
    8127D0F0 1000
    8127D124 1000
    Menu Misalignments.

    Super Mario 64 PAL:
    81304898 3FBB
    8126D564 1000
    8126D588 1000
    Menu Misalignments.

    Super Mario 64 (Shindou) NTSC-J:
    81304314 3C07
    81304316 3FE3
    81275AA0 1000
    81275AC4 1000
    Menu Misalignments.

    Super Mario 64 Last Impact (1.1) (21:9) (xdelta):
    Requires Xdelta due to changes over 16MB Mark.

    Super Mario 64 Last Impact (1.1) (xdelta):
    Requires Xdelta due to changes over 16MB Mark.

    Goldeneye 007 NTSC-U:
    810519FC 3FE3
    81040ADA 0001
    81040ACE 0000
    Fixes Rotating Logo.

    Doom 64 (1.0) NTSC-U:
    810A68E2 C71C

    Winback Covert Operations NTSC-U:
    8102606A 3FE3
    81026092 4063
    810260E2 3FE3
    810261E2 3FE3
    8102620A 4063
    8102625A 3FE3
    81028EA6 3FE3
    81028EC2 4063

    Gex 3 Deep Cover Gecko NTSC-U:
    81040850 2403
    81040852 0C00
    81040868 2403
    8104086A 0C00
    81003A58 2404
    81003A58 2404
    81003A5A 00E8

    Gex 64 Enter the Gecko NTSC-U:
    8102BF66 3FE3
    81000478 2403
    8100047A 00E8
    810310BC 8069
    810310BE EF25
    810310C0 8064
    810310C2 EF27
    810310C4 8068
    810310C6 EF24
    810310C8 8063
    810310CA EF26
    810310CC 0003
    810310CE 3883
    810310D0 0003
    810310D2 1843
    810310D4 0800
    810310D6 C439
    81037E88 2406
    81037E8A 000C
    81037E06 0AAA
    81037DC2 0555
    81037DEC 2406
    81037DEE 0017
    81037E0A 03AA
    8102C73A 0067
    8102C74A 0077
    8102C79E 01B4
    8102C7A6 01C4
    8102C82A 0025
    8102C7E6 00CA
    810310D8 0067
    810310DA 1821
    810310FA 0555
    8106FA98 FE38
    8106FAA8 01C8
    D1164E30 5430
    81164DF4 007B
    D1164E30 5430
    81164E00 007B
    D1164E30 5430
    81164E0C 007B
    D1188850 1770
    81188850 1F40

    Pilotwings 64 NTSC-U:
    812E96B2 BF27
    812E96B6 3F27
    8130E612 BF27
    8130E616 3F27
    812DD7A2 BEEF
    812DD7A6 3EEF
    8130C2FE BF63
    8130C302 3F63
    8130FFF2 BF63
    8130FFF6 3F63
    81311DC6 BF63
    81311DCA 3F63
    81351140 BF27
    81351144 3F27
    8134296E BF63
    81342972 3F63

    Star Wars Shadows of the Empire (1.0) NTSC-U:
    81192558 3FE3

    Cruis'n USA (1.0) NTSC-U:
    D113399A AB02
    81133970 0001
    D113399A AB02
    81133990 9092
    D113399A AB02
    811339F0 0001
    D113399A AB02
    81133A10 A199

    Killer Instinct Gold (1.0) NTSC-U:
    810129B2 3FE3
    8101E1CE 0C00
    8101E73A 0C00
    D11AF462 3FAA
    811AF462 3FE3

    Space Station Silicon Valley NTSC:
    D12999F2 3F80
    812999F2 3FAA

    Conker Bad Fur Day NTSC-U:
    810968E4 4309
    810968E8 42A1

    Turok 2 Seeds of Evil NTSC-U:
    8107D9FA BF40
    Clipping Issues.

    Aerofighters Assault NTSC-U:
    81340EE4 BF19
    81340EE8 3F19

    Monster Truck Madness 64 NTSC-U:
    810173D0 3FAA
    810C8650 3000
    810C8658 3000
    810C866C 3000

    International Superstar Soccer 2000 NTSC-U:
    810A07E8 3FE3
    8109E6B0 3FFD

    Hydro Thunder NTSC-U:
    8120B20E 3FE3

    Hot Wheels Turbo Racing NTSC-U:
    810AECF2 3FE3
    810AED02 4063
    8107135A 4016
    810B32BA 3FE3

    Indy Racing 2000 NTSC-U:
    81002ADC 0800
    81002ADE 010E
    81000438 3C1B
    8100043A 3FAA
    8100043C 449B
    8100043E 5000
    81000440 460A
    81000442 3182
    81000444 0800
    81000446 0AB9
    81000448 3C01
    8100044A 8002
    81002AF2 3F2A

    Quake 64 NTSC-U:
    81078188 C71C

    Quake 2 NTSC-U:
    8107A4A0 C71C

    Tom and Jerry in Fists of Fury NTSC-U:
    8100C770 3C07
    8100C772 3FE3
    8100C774 34E7
    8100C776 8E39
    By theboy181.

    Virtual Chess 64 NTSC-U:
    81011694 3C07
    81011696 3FE3
    81011698 34E7
    8101169A 8E39
    By theboy181. Misalignments in menus.

    V-Rally Edition 99 NTSC-U:
    81010BCA 3FAA
    81010C16 3EF0
    By theboy181.

    Aerogague NTSC-U:
    8103F9C6 3FE2
    81041E5A 3FE2
    8100F06E 3FE2
    81096AC4 4063
    81096AC6 8E39
    81096ABC 4063
    81096ABE 8E39
    81096ACC 3FE3
    81096ACE 8BAC
    81096AC0 3FE3
    81096AC2 8BAC
    81042FB2 3FE2
    By theboy181.

    Supercross 2000 NTSC-U:
    810479E6 3FE3
    By theboy181.

    Powerpuff Girls Chemical Extraction NTSC-U:
    8100E162 3FE3
    8100E17A 3FE3
    By theboy181.

    Automobili Lambborghini NTSC-U:
    81004192 3FE3
    8100422A 4063
    8100435A 3FE3
    81042CE2 3FE3
    Background has Rendering Issues.

    Nightmare Creatures NTSC-U:
    81074D16 3FE3
    Clipping Issues. By theboy181.

    Last Legion UX NTSC-J:
    81050352 3FE3
    810311B6 3FE3
    By theboy181.

    Deadly Arts NTSC-U:
    81031CBC 3FE3
    81031CBE 8E38
    By theboy181.

    Tetrisphere NTSC-U:
    81031B46 3FE3
    81031B4A 8E39
    81039252 3FE3
    81039256 8E39
    8103B5DA 3FE3
    8103B5DE 8E39
    810CD462 3FE3
    810CD466 8E39
    By theboy181.

    Clay Fighter Sculptor's Cut NTSC-U:
    8107FF5A 3FE3
    8107FF5E 8E39
    By theboy181.

    Crusi'n World NTSC-U:
    D136094C 3FAA
    8136094C 3FE3

    Wheel of Fortune NTSC-U:
    81016CC4 3C07
    81016CC6 3FE3
    81016CC8 34E7
    81016CCA 8E39

    Snowboard Kids 1 NTSC-U:
    810A3B34 0800
    810A3B36 010E
    81000438 3C07
    8100043A 3FAA
    8100043C 34E7
    8100043E AAAB
    81000440 4487
    81000442 0000
    81000444 4486
    81000446 6000
    81000448 0802
    8100044A 8ECF
    8100044C 4600
    8100044E 7382

    Snowboard Kids 2 NTSC-U:
    81075CC0 0800
    81075CC2 010E
    81000438 4487
    8100043A B000
    8100043C 3C07
    8100043E 3FAA
    81000440 4487
    81000442 0000
    81000444 0000
    81000446 0000
    81000448 0801
    8100044A D732
    8100044C 4616
    8100044E 0582

    Mario Artist Polygon Studio:
    D125F92E 3FAA
    8125F92E 3FE3
    D126057E 3FAA
    8126057E 3FE3
    D178B7EE 3FAA
    8178B7EE 3FE3
    D151282E 3FAA
    8151282E 3FE3
    D154831E 3FAA
    8154831E 3FE3
    D14E5BF6 3FAA
    814E5BF6 3FE3
    D14E5C76 3FAA
    814E5C76 3FE3
    D14E5D0A 3FAA
    814E5D0A 3FE3

    Doshin the Giant:
    8102E92C 3FE3

    Shadowgate 64 NTSC-U:
    8103B71A 3FAA

    Scooby Doo Classic Creep Capers (1.0) NTSC-U:
    81046E5A 001A
    81046E5C 34A5
    81046E5E AAAB
    81046E60 00A3
    81046E62 001A
    81046E68 0000
    81046E6A 0000
    8103B81E 3FE3
    8103B822 8E39
    81055F62 3FB3

    Nintendo 64DD IPL NTSC-U:
    D1261D16 AAAB
    81261D12 3FE3
    D1261D16 AAAB
    81263F7A 0555
    D1261D16 AAAB
    81264016 0067

    Robotron 64 NTSC-U:
    81048F0E 3FE3
    81048F1A 8E39

    Nintendo 64DD IPL NTSC-J:
    D1261CF6 AAAB
    81261CF2 3FE3
    D1261CF6 AAAB
    81263EF2 01E0
    D1261CF6 AAAB
    81263F5A 0555
    D1261CF6 AAAB
    81263FF6 0064

    Super Mario 64 Disc Version NTSC-J:
    D1408CEC 0C12
    81408CE8 3C07
    D1408CEC 0C12
    81408CEA 3FE3
    D1408CEC 0C12
    8140A180 1000
    D1408CEC 0C12
    8140A1A4 1000

    Penny Racers NTSC-U:
    812202E8 3C1B
    812202EA 3FAA
    812202F8 377B
    812202FA AAAB
    81220308 449B
    8122030A 6000
    81220320 460C
    81220322 1082
    81220324 4407
    81220326 1000

    Off Road Challenge NTSC-U:
    81016D8A C32A
    81016D8E 432A
    81016B62 C32A
    81016B66 432A
    81016CA2 C32A
    81016CA6 432A
    8101504A 00F1
    81015052 FF10
    81011F36 C3AA
    81011F56 43AA
    810152F8 3000

    Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey (1.1) NTSC-U:
    811391A4 43D5

    Army Men Sarge's Heroes NTSC-U:
    81096160 3FE3

    San Francisco Rush Extreme Racing (1.0) NTSC-U:
    810060A4 0800
    810060A6 010E
    81000438 3C1B
    8100043A 3FAB
    8100043C 449B
    8100043E 6000
    81000440 0000
    81000442 0000
    81000444 460C
    81000446 7382
    81000448 0800
    8100044A 182B
    8100044C 4486
    8100044E 6000

    Toy Story 2 NTSC-U:
    810A0AD8 3FE3
    810A0ADA 8E39
    8100C9FE 3FE3
    8100CA02 8E39
    810A2908 426F
    810A290A 5C9D

    40 Winks:
    81000AAE 3FE3
    81010520 3000
    81010528 3000
    8101414C 1000

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 NTSC-U:
    81017DD0 3F10
    8107039A 11C6

    A Bugs Life NTSC-U:
    810092F0 0810
    810092F2 0000
    810092F4 3C06
    810092F6 800A
    81400000 8622
    81400002 0000
    81400004 0002
    81400006 1883
    81400008 0002
    8140000A 1043
    8140000C 0043
    8140000E 1021
    81400010 A622
    81400012 0000
    81400014 8622
    81400016 0004
    81400018 0002
    8140001A 1883
    8140001C 0002
    8140001E 1043
    81400020 0043
    81400022 1021
    81400024 A622
    81400026 0004
    81400028 0800
    8140002A 24BE
    8140002C 8CC6
    8140002E B808
    8100B62A 3FE3
    Requires Expansion Pak.

    Hey You Pikachu NTSC-U:
    8103CA90 0800
    8103CA92 010E
    81000438 3C1B
    8100043A 3FAA
    8100043C 377B
    8100043E AAAB
    81000440 449B
    81000442 1000
    81000444 0000
    81000446 0000
    81000448 03E0
    8100044A 0008
    8100044C 4602
    8100044E 0002
    81022596 3F40
    8108934C 3F06
    81089370 3F06
    8102BB02 3F40
    8102BB04 3C1B
    8102BB06 3F80
    8102BB4C AFA1
    8102BB54 AFBB

    Blast Corps (1.0) NTSC-U:
    812D5304 080F
    812D5306 F800
    813FE000 3C1B
    813FE002 3FAA
    813FE004 377B
    813FE006 AAAB
    813FE008 449B
    813FE00A 6000
    813FE00C 0000
    813FE00E 0000
    813FE010 460C
    813FE012 7382
    813FE014 080B
    813FE016 54C3
    813FE018 4486
    813FE01A 6000
    8124C6B4 3C1B
    8124C6B6 4320
    8124C6BE 4447
    8124C6E0 AFBB

    Iggy's Reckin Balls NTSC-U:
    81061268 0800
    8106126A 1D5D
    81007574 3C1B
    81007576 3FAA
    81007578 377B
    8100757A AAAB
    8100757C 449B
    8100757E D000
    81007580 0000
    81007582 0000
    81007584 461A
    81007586 1082
    81007588 0801
    8100758A 849C
    8100758C 4602
    8100758E 6302
    81082268 0800
    8108226A 1D64
    81007590 3C1B
    81007592 3F40
    81007594 449B
    81007596 8000
    81007598 0000
    8100759A 0000
    8100759C 4610
    8100759E 6302
    810075A0 0802
    810075A2 089C
    810075A4 E44C
    810075A6 9C2C
    Includes Font Fix.
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  15. Extrems

    Extrems GBAtemp Regular

    Jan 17, 2013

    I beg to differ. :P
  16. Fgamer

    Fgamer Advanced Member

    May 26, 2012
    Yes those codes are the ones created by Gamemasterplc and from the pj64 forum, the ready-made patches do work so no doubt all these codes work.

    I don't think you have the Cheat0_Value right (but I don't know how we get the correct one) if you take a look at this screenshot comparing original cheat codes and how they are entered in the official ini for Paper Mario: https://gbatemp.net/attachments/untitled-1-jpg.50712/
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  17. ShadowOne333

    ShadowOne333 GBAtemp Guru

    Jan 17, 2013
    Cheat0_Value = 0xc71c?
    That's perhaps the problematic line.
    If we know how to put the proper value, we could make cheat codes for all games we want to in the N64 VC.
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  18. Fgamer

    Fgamer Advanced Member

    May 26, 2012
    I don't actually know how the cheat code is used in Paper Mario so maybe your value for Doom should work. The other option is to convert the codes to patches but I have no idea where to begin with that.
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  19. ShadowOne333

    ShadowOne333 GBAtemp Guru

    Jan 17, 2013
    Well if someone can try it out, be my guest.
    I won't be able to test anything Wii U related these days, so I can't make the test myself right now :P
  20. dragon12

    dragon12 GBAtemp Regular

    Apr 7, 2012
    I tried a widescreen patch for Mario Party 3 but unfortunately it has some shuddering problems (but for the parts that work it's beautiful T_T). The patch I tried was from this video:
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