wiiu tablet has 33ms of lag instead of 16ms compared to crt reference

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    For the longest time I heard that the wiiu tablet has roughly 16ms lag compared to a crt reference.

    I just performed my own testing and counted 33ms.

    Browser timer recorded at 240 fps (1 frame = 4.16ms)
    Browser timer updated every 8 frames (browser speed 30fps)
    Tablet image updated with 5 frame delay compared to crt reference for ghosted image (20.8ms delay to crt for artifacted/ghosted image)
    After tablet recieves image update, output is artifacted/ghosted for initial 3 frames, clear image is actually 8 frames behind crt reference (33ms delay to crt for clear image)

    When I say artifacted image, i mean there is heavy ghosting on the initial frame change and then minor ghosting the subsequent frame.

    With my results, I have measured 33ms delay on the tablet while performing browser screen mirroring using component out into a crt tv.

    Interesting to note, I read that on some wiiu virtual console games that perform screen mirroring, that the tablets graphic output buffer is 1 frame behind the tv's graphic output buffer. This effect be seem by performing a screenshot during fast frame alternating animates in virtual console games.

    The next test I would like to perform is to switch the tablet and tv graphic buffers, during screen mirroring using homebrew. This way I can see if the same 1frame graphic buffer hardware delay could also be present on the tablet during browser screen mirroring as it is on WiiU VC titles.


    Wiiu tablet has 33ms delay during browser screen mirroring
    It may be technically possible that the wiiu tablet exhibits 16ms delay under other circumstances if browser screen mirroring is exhibiting a 1 frame graphic buffer copy penalty.

    The point is if you used browser screen mirroring to gauge how laggy your hdtv is, then you now have to add another 16ms for an accurate result compared to the old 16ms total thrown around number.

    Either way, it is crazy fast for wireless screen mirroring latency.
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    I just hate how they stuck it in the middle (at least for the E version channel 46 I think it was) of the 5ghz band (low range, poor penetration). My Asus router stomps all over it. Any wifi device near the gamepad or wiiu causes interruptions depending on the traffic. The only redeeming value with the switch is that they have kept it all in the one unit.
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