WiiU PAL launch day and Homebrew news

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by Cyan, Nov 30, 2012.

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    Today is the release date for the WiiU in Europe and Australia.
    The USA had the chance to test the console for ten days, let's see what has been discovered by the homebrew community so far.

    The virtual Wii (Wii mode in WiiU, or the vWii) was found vulnerable on launch day to already known Wii game exploits allowing existing Wii homebrew launching.

    To launch a Wii homebrew in Wii mode you currently need to use a game exploit, such as Smash_Stack, Indiana Pwns or Bathaxx.
    By using one of these game exploits, you can already enjoy many homebrew on WiiU's Wii mode, like applications, games, emulators, retail game launcher, except homebrews which require NAND access, a patched IOS or HW_AHBPROT to be enabled.

    Other exploits have been found but have not been made public yet.

    A possible Homebrew Channel installation in virtualWii Mode has been previewed today by the team Fail0verflow.
    Note that this is only a demonstration which may not be released in this form.

    A hardware teardown has also been conducted and made public.

    Follow the WiiU and vWii homebrew advancement here:
    :arrow: http://wiiubrew.org
    :arrow: GBAtemp's WiiU homebrew forum
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    Great article, Cyan :wub:
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