WiiTracker: Wii Hardware Tracking Tool Hits 1000

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    Nintendo-Scene is pleased to announce that the WiiTracker now has a pool over over 1,000 unique serial numbers that is uses to track Wii hardware data. Not only do we have a massive pool of data to pull from but that data has helped over 80,000 people who have used the search page to determine what is inside their console.

    For those of you who don't know what the WiiTracker is: the WiiTracker is a database that contains Wii serial numbers and information about the specific hardware that Wii contains. Through the tracker you can enter a serial number of any Wii console and the system will give you an estimate of what hardware is inside based on similar serial numbers and manufacturing trends. This allows you to know what is inside your Wii without even opening it. In addition to the estimate, the data provides an excellent base for the creation of charts and graphs to map out hardware trends in Wii production.

    While well over 2000 unique serial numbers have been submitted to the database less than half of all submitted serials don't actually get used as we have a strict manual verification practice to ensure that the data the WiiTracker provides is as accurate as possible. Serial numbers are never shared publicly and we do not retain personal data, access to the data is limited to only two people to ensure the highest security possible.

    We would like to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to this project from those of you who have submitted data, to those of you who have given us suggestions for improving the system, to those of you who contribute by linking to the tracker and spreading the word. I think it's safe to assume that all of your contributions have made the WiiTracker the largest and most accurate Wii hardware estimating tool on the net.

    I would also like to take this time to remind everyone to keep submitting! If the data we have already is any indication The Wii hardware changes frequently and with your continued support we'll be able to keep on top of major changes and shifts in the hardware as well as trends in manufacturing.
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    Cool, this is pretty useful to see what chip you have.
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    awesome program, great idea.