WiiTCPLoadGUI 0.02

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    WiiTCPLoadGUI 0.02
    Wii homebrew streaming application
    Bart?omiej Burdukiewicz aka Strikeu has released an update for his Wii streaming application for Windows and Linux. WiiTCPLoadGUI now supports multiple threads and have a better interface while also fixing some bugs.
    Using this application on your you can stream Wii homebrew to your Wii and thus removing the step of having to remove the SD card, copy over the homebrew and then reinsert the SD card into your Wii.

    [​IMG] Offsite Download for Windows version
    [​IMG] Offsite Download for Linux version
    [​IMG] Source

    Contributed by Minox_IX
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    this looks help full it if works.

    what am i sopose to do with the file?
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