WiiSXR Wii64 C2W Patcher Black Screen

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    Apr 2, 2018
    I cannot for the life of me get neither WiiSXR or Wii64 to work after I launch the C2W patcher from HBL or from the channel forwarder I got on GBAtemp.

    -Launch Haxchi
    -Launch C2W patcher
    -Launch WIISXR/WII64 forwarder
    -Black Screen

    They both work fine without patcher.

    Maybe the Forwarders for WIISXR and WII64 are the problem but these same forwarders worked before a couple months ago and now are suddenly giving me issues. Every time I launch either WIISXR or WII64 it black screens and I have to pull the plug from the WIIU.

    Can anyone please help me out with this for the love of god and provide me with working forwarders and both Wii64 and WIISXR with gamepad and overlock support?

    IS it possible that the WIISXR and WII64 forwarders I have somehow already have built in overlock feature and when I launch c2W it double overclocks and causes issues?
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