wiiscrubber 1.4 questions

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    Apr 29, 2010
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    ive searched various forums and i really cannot find an answer. im trying to open an iso using wiiscrubber 1.4 but i get an "io_read error that doesnt allow me access to the games files. ive read the FAQ included in version 1.4 and the only reference it makes to the io_read error is with creating new partitions and about deleting things for DVD5 SSBB (super smash bros. brawl). so i tried using 1.2 of wii scrubber and it opens but i only have "partition 0" and i really need to extract the seperate .dol files. its has the main .dol file but i need to get the seperate one for each game on the iso. if the file has been "scrubbed" does that mean i cant access other partitions? or since its been scrubbed that is the only partition there? no other programs are using the iso so its not "locked". anyone have any ideas?
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    what are you hoping to accomplish? SSBB is onl 1 dol. each of the other games in the ISO have a dol, but they are in their own partition. this dol is coded specifically to read content from the nand. the dol is useless for anything else.

    anyways, i suspect that the reason you dont see these other partitions is because they were removed in the dvd5 version.
    partition 0 should be an update
    1 is the actual game
    the other 10 or so partitions are the VC games.