Wiiscrubber 1.3 released.

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Aug 2, 2008

Wiiscrubber 1.3 released. by FAST6191 at 8:42 PM (12,806 Views / 0 Likes) 0 replies

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    [​IMG] Wiiscrubber 1.3 released.
    Wii ISO manipulation abilities enhanced.
    Dack posted news of the new (and final) version of Wiiscrubber.
    For those that are unaware this application started out as a way to remove junk data from wii isos and thus allow them to be compressed, along the way it also gained a lot of other wii iso manipulation abilities.

    Changelog/feature list

    [​IMG] GBAtemp thread
    [​IMG] Wiiscrubber download
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